Re-entering the world of academia

Dipping back into studying after a year break is going to be even harder than returning to it after a twenty year break.  I just don't want to do anymore.   Oh well ... breathes deeply, begins chant ::only 3 subjects to go, only 3 subjects to go, only 3 subjects to go, only 3 subjects to go ... ::

My subject this semester looks OK, and it appears to be another class filled with American students, so it will be interesting to hear their take on 19th Century Australian Literary Culture - pretty sure that a lot of the Australian students haven't heard of some of the writers we will be studying.  Henry Lawson is one of them (incredibly famous), but his mother Louisa Lawson - not so much.  She published her own magazine (with female workers), and was an early suffragette and feminist - about time she received some academic interest, as well as her son.  Why do I know this, here's a clue - I attended The Henry Lawson High School.  So the schedule will be 3 weeks face-to-face, 6 weeks on-line interaction, 3 weeks face-to-face; assessment tasks - 2 essays (1000 & 2000 words), minimum 2 on-line postings a week, submission of 7 'best' postings for marking, participation in on-line discussion.  All in all - not so bad.  ::Resuming chant::

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God, you're a braver woman than I am. I take my hat off to you. I have read very little Aussie literature -- one of the few things I remember reading was Patrick White's ``Fringe of Leaves'' which I liked very much. And Helen Something-or-Other's ``Monkey Grip'' and her short stories which I also liked.

By the way, more Lost has arrived -- thank you so much again. Big big thank you! It's being heavily promoted here -- big picture of Jack on the back of the school bus outside D's school!
Brave or a masochist - I'm leaning towards the second. I've done a number of Australian Lit subjects so have read a lot of Aussie authors, as well as studying Australian poets at school, but that's to be expected - I would imagine NZ students study NZ writers as well.

Currently downloading latest "Lost" ep - hope you enjoy the new episodes.

Flight plans still on track?
::chants with you::

Getting back to uni after the long holiday is always tough!