Return to normal

Weekend away was enjoyable, apart from Friday evening - managed to pull a muscle/pinch a nerve on Fri afternoon, and spent most of the night trying to sleep until I gave up, and spent the rest of the night on the floor in the motel - at least I was finally able to get some sleep.  Proceedings were a little slower for the rest of the weekend - just as well I have succombed to the fact that I suffer from arthritis and now indulge in a walking stick - very handy, if only to poke BM when he annoys me. Thoroughly enjoyed our many museum/exhibition visits - especially the National Film and Sound Archives, managed to catch the brief overview of Australia's film/TV/radio industry, amazing how nostalgic a television commercial can make you.  Australia's first feature film was made in 1906(?), and went for an amazing 70 minutes - the Archives have been able to retrieve approx. 6 minutes of the film.  No-one thought to try to preserve something as inconsequential as a film - thankfully we now recognise the cultural importance of films and television shows, and even commercials, and they are archived for future generations.  If I have learnt nothing else from my 8 years of study, then at least I have learnt to appreciate and 'read' contemporary media - it almost makes my Buffy obsession legitimate.

Uni classes begin on Thursday, so I'm back in the mix - attempting to coerce brain into higher level functioning, I feel that it is a lost cause ...

ETA - I received an e-mail to say my "Angel" S5 dvds have shipped - it's all good!!!!

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My good friend IDS has had a walking stick for years -- he fell through a glass window as a child and was very badly injured in the leg. Several operations failed to fix things properly -- I think it was really buggered up. I don't know if he's whacked anyone with that walking stick but I'm sure he's been tempted!

It's weird -- the Angel season 5 DVDs have been around here for ages. Why are they so much slower everywhere else in the world?