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Weddings, weekends away, waffling

Reached that stage in life where we're going to second (or in some cases, third) marriages of friends which makes present selecting a real bugger - kitchen appliances are definitely out.  Next wedding is in a few weeks, but present sorted after talking to T's daughter.  Combined present with another couple = one boxset of Monty Python dvds and satinless steel fondue set .  T and his various partners over the years have been a constant at our fondue evenings, but somewhere along the line he has 'lost' his fondue pots, so it seems fitting to get him and his new wife their own set, plus they met over a Monty Python evening, so as I said, it's sorted.

BM and I are off to the the nation's capital (that would be Canberra) tomorrow for a belated 20th wedding anniversary weekend.  Kid and dog are staying at home.  We'll take in a couple of photo exhibitions at the National Gallery etc, wander around the Botanic gardens, and BM will do a few bushwalks while I read in the car or sit in the recreation area.  Nothing too taxing, and someone else doing the cooking for the weekend - close to paradise.

Uni classes start next week.  At this stage I'm no longer anxious about returning after a year's break - I just want the bloody thing over and done with, 3 subjects, 6 essays, 3 tutorial presentations, 5 or 6 books to read, and I'm done - BA complete.  Then there's just that pesky Honours year ... damn!

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