Bloody stupid computers

It died again this morning.  I spent all morning taking the stupid thing apart, and then replugging every bloody thing in again, and still nothing.  Power on, no hard drive booting up.  Then spent the afternoon ringing around for quotes for upgrade - new motherboard, new processor, new RAM.  Started to disassemble stupid thing for transport, and heard a slight crackling in the power supply.  Looks like there's a dodgy connection, either the cord or socket, which is causing arcing, so turns on but won't boot up.  YAY me (can you tell I've lived with an electrician/electronics technician for over 20 years - some of it's stuck).  Troubleshootin' Deb, that's me.

Although I can live without the computer and the internet for a while for just personal stuff (are those guffaws of laughter in the background), the fact that uni classes start next week, and the subject I'm doing is on-line delivery, had me in a major panic.  We meet face-to-face once every three weeks, but the on-line work is supposed to be a daily thing, and it would have been impossible without a functioning computer at home.  Presently feeling hugely relieved, and admitting to self, that I really don't know how I could have coped without the computer, the internet and LJ - it's what keeps me connected to the world ::hugs LJ friends tightly::

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I think I should be slightly disturbed at how disturbed I was at the thought of no computer. My husband had innumerable calls today at work also, but I'm slightly pleased with myself that I worked it out in the end (and not a teenager in sight).

Still 45 minutes of Valentine's Day left here - sending champagne and chocolates your way. Just how excited are you about your vacation (see I can use the word, although I do tend to think of Chevy Chase when I do).
This semester I'm doing ENGL260: Nineteenth Century Australian Literary Culture. Books to read are “My Brilliant Career” by Miles Franklin (ahh … Sam Neill in the movie version), “Seven Little Australians” by Ethel Turner (bawled my eyes out during the TV series), and “Woman’s Friendship” by A Cambridge (never heard of it). Sort of easing myself back in gently with the one subject - wasn't much else that I was interested in, or haven't already done.

Next semester I'll do 2 subjects, and then my degree will be finished (apart from the Honours year). These are the subjects I've chosen:

"HIST239: A Cultural History of Water: This subject focuses on the history of water as central to Australian culture from a variety of perspectives. It explores inland river systems through early colonial hopes in a mythical inland sea and the ambitions invested in irrigation; it considers our changing orientations to the oceans around us; and examines some of the recreational uses of water through the history of swimming, beaches, lifesaving and surfing. The subject looks at the ways water has a history, and how that history is crucial to thinking about how we want to live in the future.

ENGL375: Australia Fair: Nation, 'Race' and Culture: It takes into consideration a collection of texts from a variety of genres (including literature, film, television, children’s literature, explorers’ journals, journalism etc), from different moments in Australian history and from many different locations.

Sort of finishing off with an Aussie salute. I have to do a 3rd year level English subject to finish off my English major. The history of water is just a whim - BM used to work for the Dept of Water Resources, and we actually lived at a dam at one time (the dams in NSW are staffed 24/7) - so it sort of appeals in a personal way. It's a new subject, so hopefully will prove interesting.