Bloody hell ...

Uni starts back next week, when did that happen - time for this little black duck to get organised.  At least there are only 3 books on the reading list for my subject. 

My brain is hurting already.

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1. Actual books? You must be in an arts subject. My students crab if I give them more than 2 articles a week.

2. Computer got fixed? Without 17 year old's 'help'?

3. Fri. May 13th to Sun. May 15th? By the way, Big W has a really good sale on Buffy dvds and Monty Python dvd sets ::does the dance of the unhocked credit card::.
Why aren't you watching "The X-Factor"?

Yep, real books, with like 200 pages or more, with only words - no pictures!!

Have all the Buffy ones - but oohh, Monty Python - might have to check that out (also just pre-ordered Angel S5 today, then my Jossverse is complete).

My computer doctor made it all better, although it does need some medication.

May 13 - 15, good for me, and still cheap tickets available.

Did you see my Buffy questions for the audition (earlier posting) - they were bloody hard.

I would have bellyflopped with the Buffy questions: asked them of PG as well. I always get the Demons that Dru went off with confused.

And I did watch The X Factor right after that post. I'll pontificate tomorrow, once Sydney is done. Is it true that you auditioned for The X Factor as well? In the under 25 category, of course!