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A brief TV rant, and praise for the internet

The excitement of the new TV ratings season wasn't felt in my household last night - "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - the Australian Version", um no thank you, "McLeod's Daughters", prolific guy that McLeod, and squirmingly Aussie, but it was overwhelmingly CRIME night - "Blue Heelers", "CSI: Miami" (leaving NYPD: Blue really worked for you, David, great movie career), "Without a Trace", "Medium", "Sensing Murder", "Border Security" (thought about your Mum caraway_ when I briefly saw an elderly couple hauled over the coals for having bananas) - murder, kidnappings, psychic gifts, pedophiles, banana bringing in terrorists - Gad, a little variety would have been nice (NOT "Dancing with the Stars" type variety). Thankfully I was able to download and watch new episodes of "Gilmore Girls" and "Veronica Mars" (which did have a kidnapping, sort of, but done with much more entertainment - Veronica Mars, you go girlfriend!

Am attempting to prepare myself for tonight's audition - which mostly means staving off panic attacks every half hour or so (this is why in my seven or so years of studying, I have only ever done one subject with an exam). I'm wondering what their definition of a "short general knowldege test" is, plus what will be involved in the "brief interview to discuss my nominated subjects" - what will I say when they ask about Buffy, I just know I'll go all stupid and non-verbal ::I will not panic, I will not panic::
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Oh TV last night. No wonder I was reading Enid Blyton!! PG watched Aussie Queer Eye, but that is a concept Whose Time Has Passed. If I had only known about Border Security :^)

Good luck tonight! You will be great! You know all, and are the all powerful Oz! And Oz is God.

See, you knew that reference.
On a different topic, 'Origins' is beginning to lose me, and it ties into one of my pet peeves with fanfic. Obviously, if the story is going to be Spuffy with a bit of angst, there's got to be a bit of conflict. To me, 'Origins' is focussing way too much on the external conflict (Willow and Xander and the Heavenly Hound Dogs) as threats, with almost nothing in the way of Spike or Buffy changing (okay, she's still depressed and Can't Express Love, and he is Struggling Against the Base Urges, but it is a fairly minor aspect). One of the things I like about Herself and Wisteria is that they recognize the importance of internal change and accomodation to a relationship over time, y'know? So the story becomes: how do two very different people with a lot in common work out the shit that keeps them apart? Which is the essence of good relationship drama, although a bitch to plot, I'm sure. See, see? I'm not just interested in the sex scenes?

What do you think? I'm curious.
My take - the author has Xander/Willow issues (don't we all), and seems to be focussing on that, which does seem to lessen the Spike/Buffy arc. Buffy seems a bit too 'mellow', for want of a better word, too acquiescent, maybe. There's another story that I've been following for a lonngggggg time, that has Buffy and Spike in a relationship without too much angst (angst is good, but a little goes a long way for me, I got enough on the show), but has them dealing with the little aggravations of life, and learning to give and take, with couply(?) fights and makeups, and Buffy learning to acknowledge the grey areas of demons AND humans. I also think a Spike and Buffy relationship that doesn't include some fire, snark, arguments and passion, (like fer1213, or thedeadlyhook gives us) isn't really Buffy and Spike. Not sure what the timeframe in "Origins" is - is it only a week or so since Buffy re-emerged, or longer? Still, there's not much in the way of Spuffy fic around, so I'll keep reading, but a bit of conflict between Buffy and Spike would improve the story - seem to have fallen into the boyfriend/girlfriend (and that's not really how I would describe them myself) thing very easily.
What's the story you have been following? Fluff can be good.

Yes, Fer has the fire. IMO, the best series in the subgenre 'Buffy and Spike fight others and themselves in the most entertaining possible fashion' is still the Mustang Sally and Rivka's 4 part 'Bowiehabarama', I think. Even Nautibitz handles the attraction/repulsion thing well.

Origins is still 35 chapters of the longest week in history. Much as the scary power issues with Willow were inadequately explored in s6, I like her too much (and even like Xander too much, in my own special way ;^)) to believe some of the stuff that's transpiring. Which is too bad, because there are some aspects (Spike/Dawn friendship) that are pretty well handled.
The Bowiehabarata (The Heart's Filthy Lesson, Serious Moonlight, Changes, Spiders from Mars) ::nods head vigorously:: yep, one of the best, and one of my marked favourites (and re-read a number of times). Pity Mustang Sally left the fandom, ah well, we all move on sometime ::clings desperately to OTP::

Fluffy angst here: "Spike's Will Be Done Series" - and this is exactly why I hate doing recs, you'll probably hate it, but I've been enjoying the series for about two years now (the author has ill-health, and the new chapters are sometimes sporadic).

Long week indeed. I personally have more issues with Xander than Willow, and I always liked VampWillow.
Big kiss and hug for luck. This is so exciting. Hope it goes well!