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Further adventures with Buffy and the quiz audition

EEK - the audition is THIS Thursday, not next week as I suggested in my last post. So ::big breath:: will I or won't I - OK I will reveal my Buffy fandom nerdiness and attend the audition on Thursday. Of course if you never hear from me again, I have died of embarassment at my own lameness ...
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Thanks for the good wishes - the things we do for our fandom!

Relax, enjoy your holiday - I'm sure you'll come back all refreshed, with a spanking' new Spuffy story for us eager readers ;) - why does the word spankin' take me to naughty places?
Oh my god! Oh my god!

I've been off-line for a few days and have missed this important news! By all means audition for the 'Einstein Factor'!!! PG and I both auditioned for the Brains Trust (but I think we were too Canadian, or summat). What fun!