I'm alive, well mostly

We have a new 80gb hard drive, and a new broadband connection speed of 1500 kps - oh the downloading that I can do, and have done - 3 episodes of Veronica Mars since last night.  Of course according to the teenager the computer is still crap (not sure whether that is a technical term or not), but as we have said to him in a number of different grammatical orderings - we don't have the money, read my lips, we can't afford it, we have no money to spare, it not going to happen, nada, no way.  The person who came up with the saying that patience is a virtue, obviously never had children, let alone knew the sheer joy of teenaged children. 

Apparently our landlord and landlady have decided to install a new kitchen for us - spent the morning 'tidying up' for the visit.  Of course being the hugely cynical people we are, we're wondering what this will cost us - more rent, or the search for a new abode, or maybe it's just a tax dodge for them, and we get to enjoy staying here, with no rental increase and a serviceable kitchen (yeah sure, better get some packing boxes ...)  Guess that's the price we do pay as renters (scum of the earth because we refuse to buy into the Great Australian Dream of owning our bit of this great nation). 

kassto if you read this you should probably skip </span>over the following:

Cue slight political rant - that's the great nation that locks up a mentally ill woman in a detention centre (and don't get me started about those hideous places) for months on end, because the officials have decided she must be an 'illegal' immigrant, and are either too lazy or stupid to work out she's actually an Australian who is officially missing.  The same nation whose great leader has said that he won't quash debate in parliament on abortion - debate, debate what, what needs to be debated about abortion, who thinks it needs to be debated, why, to do what, to stop them, to deny access to terminations, what, I don't understand - oh it's started, and when the fucking Liberals take over the Senate in July, I'll be the first one to stand up and say DON'T BLAME ME, I VOTED LABOR.  Talk about getting the government you deserve - watch the right-wing, Christian, conservatives take over this country, and don't come whinging to me. 

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I was just about to rant about the criminal treatment of this mentally ill woman (of course, the refugee detention system is designed to drive you crazy if not kill you)... our own Guatanamo Bay. Thanks for taking that off my to do list!
The sadder thing - I read in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning that she wants to go back to the detention centre - now that makes a statement, she would prefer to be there than at the mercy of our 'society', ahh ... the mentally ill, the lepers of the 21st century. Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it?
Wow, I wish I could have fast internet connection like yours!

As for the Rau affair, the thing that disturbed me most is how they apparently treat the mentally ill in detentional centres. So, what, they're not Australians and therefore it's ok to not give them adequate treatment? And it's only not OK because she's a missing Australian? Such double standards. [/rant]
Teenage son needs fast connection for X-Box live, so therefore it is a 'must' in our household, plus I get the benefits as well :-).

Bad enough to be in a detention centre at all, let alone be mentally ill - they don't get adequate care from our health system, let alone in a place run by a private American prison company. All rules seem to be thrown out for those places.
God, I wish I had such a computer!

And s'all right my dear -- I did read your rant! I can tolerate diversity of opinion!
Diversity thy name is Debbi.

Research Girl - On the Riley front, have only found reference to Special Agent Finn - in one episode Riley says to Forrest "Riley : I said denied, agent. Forrest : Did you just pull rank on me?", so special agent is higher than agent maybe?? In Forever the minister only refers to Joyce Summers, so I don't think we ever got more than the two names.