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The perils of Debra, or how I learned to love Veronica Mars

Bloody and bruised after a fall in the kitchen last night, not sure what happened, slipped or bad knee gave out.  You know when bruises come up straight away that is going to be even worse the next day - it is.  BM says the fire screen will need some panel beating - it was either grab onto that or send my Lord of the Rings and Firefly dvds flying ... the choice was easy, but ultimately lead to the big crash into the wall.  Ahhh, the sacrifices I make.

Currently resting and catching up with Veronica Mars, a bit ad hoc, I downloaded episodes 1, 2, 6, 7, and 9, but they're basically stand alones eps with a continuing arc, which you can catch up in 'the previously on Veronica Mars'.  Don't know the actress who plays Veronica from anywhere, but quite like her character, she's gone from popular it girl to high school reject (won't say too much, might be spoilery for some).  The dad is played by Enrico Colantoni who I enjoyed as Elliot in Just Shoot Me and the alien leader in Galaxy Quest.  It also has Kyle Secor (bring back Homicide: Life on the Streets), Harry Hamlin (where did you go), and two young actors, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Frank Capra - now there's a couple of well-known names in the film industry. ETA The show was created by Rob Thomas who was also co-exec producer/writer for Cupid, a great little show that was cancelled too soon, ain't that always the way.

Unlike Desperate Housewives which I was a bit oh-hum about, I have actually enjoyed the episodes.  It's sort of a high school story, but there are underlying themes of corruption, and secrets hidden (like Desperate Wives but done better), the haves and have-nots, and how the haves control the town, the people, the school.  Yep, think I could get into this show.  Off to check if the latest Lost episode is available to download, and then back to Veronica. EDITED TO ASK Can anyone confirm or deny - was Lost pre-empted/repeated because of State of the Union Address?

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