Desperate housewives and stereotypes

So the premiere of Desperate Housewives:


Hot-blooded Latino vamp þ

Frazzled stay-at-home mum þ

Perfect Stepford wife þ

Single/divorced working mum þ

Trampy divorcee þ

One who gets away through suicide þ


Pretty much enjoyed this show, though I’m seriously concerned about Teri Hatcher’s weight issues - stick-thin or what?  Equal amount of humour and pathos with a little intrigue thrown in, and not a doctor/lawyer/forensic investigator in sight.  Can actually say that I am actively looking forward to the next episode.  One niggle is the poor stay-at-home mum - always annoys me to see this stereotype, a woman who apparently was a whiz in the workplace but falls to pieces when staying at home and looking after the kids (though I will grant that in this case, with four kids, anyone would be frazzled).  There are plenty of women in real life who choose to stay at home, and manage to do the job very well, and are satisfied with their lot. I enjoyed my time at home with J when he was little, and also got a lot out of my involvement with his primary school as a canteen helper, office holder in the P&C, School Council and Auxiliary, classroom helper, fundraiser etc etc.  My intelligent quotient didn’t suddenly drop 100 points because I was just a mum.  I also enjoyed the time I was a working mum - slightly tired all the time, but much more organised than I am now.  My second departure from the workforce may have been out of my control, but I probably would have decided to return to full time parenting anyway, with the problems J was having at the time the deciding factor.  Still enjoy being the at home parent, but am looking forward to resuming studies and getting the old brain into gear.  These days though I will admit that a return to the workforce is unlikely due to my age and weight - fat and old don’t cut it much in the workplace these days, and I don’t harbour images of employers beating down the door once I have my Bachelor of Arts in my grubby little paws.  Hmm … seemed to have segued into a poor, poor pitiful me scenario, think I’ll go wallow with a coffee and biscuit.


J’s back from school - Tuesday is apparently a short day, seems happy enough, and with a teenager that is really all one can ask for …

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I have to admit to being disappointed. Too much of a reliance on stereotypes (not only frustrated former exec but also hot Latin babe with possessive Latin husband; perfectionist Martha Stewart type etc.). The fact that it is all post-modern and knowing about its stereotypes (like Sex and the City) doesn't make it better. My one belly laugh was that poor woman who'd had 4 kids in 5 years belting her husband when he proposed sex without a condom. I suppose I shouldn't laugh at female violence against women but BWAH!

You say Lost is good, so we'll see about that.
Flat, and a little meh - that's how it left me. I watched it last night, and then again this morning, but the stereotypes seem to scream out. I thought there were good bits, like you I laughed at the horny husband getting thumped, and the house burning down - hopefully the 'intrigue' stuff will get it revving along, still it was better than Starstruck(?) - oh my God what were they thinking. No I'm worried that you won't like Lost - it's good, really, truly ...
That would be female violence against men, I'm not giving away a plot twist