Photo: There's a yiddish saying: "From your mouth to God's ears".

School resumes tomorrow: You have no idea how many people have mentioned that today. What do I know: day 3 of the nanny-state for me!
If there's any of the Labor party left before it implodes on itself. My political insider tells me that Latham was forced into a mental/physical breakdown by his fellow 'supporters'. Don't get me going about Beazley's resurrection - nice guy, but seriously Kim, your time has come and gone, oh and not to mention the lovely way Julia(?) was dealt with trivialised by the media. I remember reading a study of NZ female politicians when I was doing a semiotic analysis of female body in print media, which showed a structural, systematic gendering of women - pretty much the same everywhere - Julia at the BBQ (as a journo pointed out - interfering in secret men's business), single, no children - highly suspicious. No pictures of Kim in the kitchen, or mention of his divorce etc etc etc.

Most of the kids went back today in NSW, but J's school has just moved to a 4 day week (lots of the students are self-supporting, so a 3 day weekend allows them to pick up more work if necessary), so teachers back today, kids tomorrow.