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I don’t usually rec stories because I’m never sure if other people will like the stuff I like, but I’ve noticed a few people reccing stuff that I’ve been reading from way back, st_salieri, fer1213, anaross, db2305, (who’d have guessed I would be at the vanguard) so I thought I would rec this one - Origins by Niamh which I’ve been reading at The Spuffy Realm - here’s the link . It was a serendipitous discovery, and I sat and devoured all the chapters in one sitting, still a WIP, but worth the time to read. Now must go and say nice things to the author (who shares my antipathy for Xander, go Niamh!).

Can anyone explain to me why I sit up and watch Buffy on TV (11.00pm Sunday nights), even though I own the entire series on DVD. Somehow it feels like disloyalty if I don’t sit up and watch it, plus The X-Files is on straight after it! Last night it was my all time favourite ep from S1 The Puppet Show - horny little wooden puppet that he was, plus Oedipus Rex done like it’s never been done before, and Cordy singing, and the introduction of Snyder, and Giles saying behove (can you tell I really, really like this episode) …

Scored very nicely for our 20th anniversary, which we so didn’t expect, china is the gift apparently - got a nice milk jug and nibblies bowl, fondue pot (which will be used on Australia Invasion Day for chocolate fondue desert), mugs and a hanging plant. Mucho gracias to those concerned.
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When I think about the important knowledge in my head that gets displaced by knowing the little gift for anniversary chart... Alas, it seems I've been conventional, for once. Fondue pots rule! Cooking and party game combined! Good choice, whomever.
Hi Deb! I'm so behind on my friends' list I thought I would start with you by just going to your LJ and reading all your entries that I missed (I don't normally do it that way.) Glad you had a good anniversary and those sound like great presents. Nothing wrong with a nice bit of china. And congrats again on the 20 years. A significant achievement.

And I have safely noted your rec in my recs list. Thanks a lot.

I know what you mean about watching Buffy repeats on TV -- there's always a little thrill in watching it when it's actually being screened. You know, I must be a rarity in Buffy fandom because I have barely ever watched any X-Files or Star Trek. I must be a freak!