Late night "Farscape" ramblings

Behind a cut tag because it possibly contains spoilers for The Peacekeeper Wars.

I had an absolutely brilliant, insightful posting about Farscape created in my head last night, but do you think I can remember it now?  Oh well, let’s see if I can recreate any of it here. 


I was watching the last three episodes of S4, and got to thinking about John and Aeryn.  John could be seen as the ‘female’ side of the relationship, and Aeryn the ‘masculine’ warrior.  John often needs to be rescued (damsel in distress), is impetuous, and very emotional.  Aeryn is the unfeeling soldier who never lets emotions get in the way.  Of course in the show this is explained as John being ‘human’, and Aeryn being a Sebacean  chosen for battle.  How can we interrupt this once the forebears of Sebaceans are revealed to be humans?  It is through John that Aeryn learns to be emotional - is it because of him, or because of her ancestry, or both?  It also got me thinking about that sort of relationship, and comparing it a little to fer1213 ’s Alex and Jess - that’s how their relationship is coming across to me.  Alex is the emotionally bare character, while Jess is trying to close off her emotions, and just get the job done.  Wish I could remember more of my stellar thoughts - Grr Argh - believe me it was abso*bloody*lutely amazing and incisive and deeply thoughtful and .. and … and .. all sorts of other things … Note to self - next time you have a brilliant posting thought - wrote the bloody thing down straight away!


I also watched the Farwell extra on the disc, where Claudia, Wayne, Gigi and Anthony talk of learning that the show had been cancelled (on the last day of filming S4) - how heartbreaking that must have been, and thank the powers-that-be that there was a successful campaign by the fans to bring a resolution to the series.  Pity it didn’t work for Angel.


One last thing - can I say how much I love the Australian references/shout outs in the series - John uses the phrase “it’s beer o’clock” (time for a beer - duh) in the penultimate episode, and my little Aussie heart went SQUEE!!!

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I hope you weren't offended by my comparison between your characters and J/A - I think it's just a reflection of the quality of your writing, that gets the reader thinking and comparing, as well as my understanding of your Jess and Alex (if that's not too presumptuous of me).

Poor Spike - happy to have sex with Buffy, because it was some sort of connection, but as you say, only ever the physical for Buffy. I always thought they had more of an emotional connection in S7, and therefore didn't need the physical - I was happy with that, although I know a lot of people weren't. I didn't need to see it on screen, for me to believe in what they had.

John/Aeryn=Buffy/Spike - so true. John & Buffy, the leaders, Aeryn & Spike, the strong lieutenants. This is why I'm a Spuffy not a Bangel. Spike is Buffy's equal, but not threatened by her strength as a leader, and happy to step aside, and 'watch her back'. Angel always had to be in control, making the decisions for her, and therefore not suited to be her partner (the word by its very definition means sharing the risks), plus Angel's lame, his hair grows straight up, and he's bloody stupid.

'It's beer o'clock' - you give me back my cultural reference! Here again is my understanding of the US from TV - Milwaukee, that would be Laverne and Shirley's city, and they worked in a brewery (I think), so I can understand that expression. Here I think it just means we Aussies like beer, anywhere, any o'clock.

I didn't need to see it either, though I really, really WANTED to. ;)

::Sigh:: didn't we all - but I do have a very active imagination, and know some writers who 'fill in the blanks', so that'll do me.
*covers eyes because I haven't seen past Season 2 of Farscape yet*

Hey there, fer1213 told me you're another Aussie Farscape fan, so I hope you don't mind that I friended you! ::waves::
*waving back*
Hi there - noticed you on my flist a couple of days ago, and meant to contact you, but I'm slack sometimes, and with the school hols, have to fight son for computer time. Will friend back, if that's OK.

Yep, Farscape fan, and Buffy, Angel, Lost, Alias, Star Trek, X-Files ... I multi-fandom! Looking forward to hearing from you.