Happy anniversary to me

BM and I have been married 20 years today!, and I forgot to say happy anniversary to him this morning (bad wife).  We're not do anything special for it today, have some friends coming for a barbeque on Saturday (hopefully without the problems that occurred last Saturday), and we are planning a weekend away in Canberra next month (after the school hols) as a belated anniversary celebration.  Can't believe how quickly the time has passed ...

J has totally enjoyed watching Firefly - he was very disappointed to know that he'll have to wait till September(?) to watch Serenity.  Thankfully SurlyBoy seems to have gone into hiatus for the time being.

Think I might watch some S5 Buffy today.


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Happy anniversary! Hope this barbeque is less disastrous to organize (it was fine to experience).

I tried to stay up until 12.30 to watch Firefly, but not to be. I'll have to wait for a dvd player or fast download to share the love.

See Kassto's response to my post. It could be...