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Cue bitchy comment ...

The music world rejoices - Ghost of the Robot is no more. Methinks someone got their arse kicked over certain behaviour at a con and has suddenly 're-evaluated' priorities. Hopefully that might include acting one's age. Bitchfest over.

Was going to start Buffython yesterday but only got as far as placing disc in DVD player, so hopefully Welcome to the Hellmouth beckons today.

A mother's guilt knows no bounds, distance or timewise. My mother's comment to me yesterday, when we were discussing my aunt's well attended funeral "well that's what happens when your three children stay in the district", not like your three ungrateful, selfish children who left the district, hey Mum. Oh well after 82 years she has gotten it down to a fine art.

School run beckons, better get the kid out of bed.
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Mothers know how to do that, don't they -- they know how to hit the buttons with a sledgehammer, while seemingly oblivious to what they are doing. I'll never forget announcing to my mother I was pregnant with my first baby, and her first comment was: ``But you're too fat to be pregnant. You should have lost weight first.'' What a bitch. I was incredibly upset. I made her apologise to me a week later.

You know, I have been brooding over the whole JM thing. I totally identify with you when you wonder why you have been wasting so much time thinking about it. It's so weird because when I called up my friends' list, right next to your comment about Ghost of the Robot was this from fishsanwitt

Her post said:

``This is the last time I'm saying this
I have the utmost respect for James.
I will not listen to 'speculation' about his motives for *anything* he does. It's his life - his choices. ''

God, some people are very sensitive about it. I'm sick of thinking about it. Personally, I think JM does extraordinarily well out of his fans, and I don't know what people are complaining about.
Mother rant
My mother's pet peeve at the moment is that I live in the same city as my mother-in-law, and can take her to appointments etc when needed (like when she got hit by a car and broke her arm and couldn't drive, or those fun funerals I took her to because she was too upset to drive, or even the couple of times I've dropped her off to the hospital so her bowel cancer can be checked up on). I never take Mum to things like that, oh why not ... probably because I live FOUR frickin' hours away! So at the moment I have to be very cautious about what I mention to Mum, but seeing as she and Dad programmed me, it's no wonder she knows which buttons to hit.

Back to JM again (for two people who don't care much about his personal life we seem to be spending a lot of time conversing about him ... Feh...), I want to stop wasting my time but it's like a great big obsession at the moment, especially reading the disparate responses in the fandom. I think some people forget that he is paid (and bloody well too) to do conventions and that he doesn't just turn up out of the goodness of his heart, and the persona he presents at the cons is just another acting job, and no they don't get to see and know the real JM, who ever that is (maybe only HIS mum knows that). I think I read somewhere that JM said he was looking forward to seeing the James he remembers in the mirror once his bleached hair was gone. I really wish I had finished my degree a couple of years ago, because I would have loved to have done my honours thesis on the Buffy fandom, but it's too late now as it slowly evanesces.

A sidebar - when I reply to your comments do you receive e-mail notification? I'm only asking because I fiddled with my LJ settings (silly me), and I'm not sure what I turned off and what I turned on (and that doesn't mean I expect a response from every comment I make, still just trying to sort out LJ).

Today I begin my Buffython whilst ironing, bring on the Hellmouth.
Re: Mother rant
Hmm, sounds like you get on better with your mother-in-law than your mother! It's hard to switch off to one's mother, when they are negative, isn't it.

Agree with you utterly about JM. I'm sure he's a nice guy but he's flawed and some people just can't seem to take it if those flaws are irritating to some people. I could forgive him a hell of a lot if I thought he had any genuine insight into Spike. It's that that irritates me the most. He created that performance of Spike with all its pathos and subtleties and nuances and there he was lecturing the female fans about evil bad boyfriends. ``Listen, honey, I think I know more about boyfriends than you do! So shut up!'' And to get all sanctimonious about male behaviour to females when you're chatting up teenagers, who one might think would bring about a protective side of a male in his 40s rather than a predatory one.... just my view....

Hope you don't find it annoying that I too am starting my Buffy season one episode one now and may be posting on it....!

I would have loved to read a dissertation on Buffy fandom. It's a funny intense little world. I remember reading your essay on feminism in Buffy which I thought was great, but I kept thinking how differently you would have written it now!
Re: Mother rant
Oh, and also, I forgot to add that I do get the email notifications of your replies -- at least I don't know if I miss any! I sometimes find LJ may be late in delivering a notification, but they generally tend to get there.

Also, about JM, I think the reason we think about it a lot, is because we want to carefully define our own position in our head, to get comfortable with it. I think that if you love SPike a lot, it's hard not to let those feelings spill over on to JM, and then, if you're like me, that makes you very wary of JM, particularly if you hear things about him that turn you off.
Re: Less mother rant, more JM
My mother-in-law has her moments too, but I am the mother of her only grandchild, so that helps me at least.

Ahh … James, James, James … you’ve really put into words so many things that I too have difficulty with. He creates this incredibly nuanced character on screen, and tears him apart off-screen with his blundering words about good/bad boyfriends. An academic here in Australia has written and presented a number of papers on the character of Spike, and I just read on BAPS that she hopes to ask JM at the Melbourne convention about his view of Spike and try to convey that the fans actually took away a very positive feminist message through the character of Spike rather than his muddleheaded, and at times condescending, view of Spike the bad boyfriend - will be interesting to read her report if she does get a chance. How well you also touch on what I find the most irksome, his predatory behaviour towards young women. I keep trying to convince myself that because he was the big drama geek in high school, he’s now just trying to relive those glory days now he’s such a ‘hunk’ (which doesn’t make his behaviour any less unsavoury but might explain it in a Freudian or whatever way - not that I have anytime for Freud either, much prefer the French theorists such as Irigaray or Kristeva but I digress), but I usually end up thinking that he’s just a big old perv, and that unfortunately then affects how I look at Spike. Bugger off JM, I’m only interested in Spike.

My Buffy essay would be very different now. I quickly skimmed it before I sent it to you, and I remember thinking about what changes I would make to it, but I think I wrote it back in 2001, which was post S5, so there were still some quite strong feminist aspects to the series.

Thank God I don’t have to fix anything LJ wise, really am fumbling around in the dark, although I do enjoy creating my little LJ pictures, and changing the layout etc but that’s more because of boredom than anything else. Looking forward to your S1 review, may even share some of my generally incoherent thoughts if you post on it. Now I have to go and get into a ‘trivial’ state of mind, off to a Trivia Night with some friends this evening, hopefully there will be some Star Trek or Buffy questions!