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My day of chaos

Saturday was one of those days where everything was on a tight time schedule, and then through a series of unfortunate events, turned into a train wreck.  From the emergence of SurlyBoy (™ pending) in the morning, to the shopping trip from hell, and then the oven burning incident in the late afternoon, nothing went according to plan, and of course caraway_ </span>and her family were due to arrive for an evening meal with us, so of course it was a disastrous day!  Highlights of the day: 


  • Even though SurlyBoy had been informed that we were expecting guests that day on a number of occasions, he decided on Friday that he absolutely, positively, had to go to a party on Saturday, and of course would need a lift there as he was going to drink, and therefore couldn’t drive himself (so BM had to leave during the evening to run him there, sorry guests).  To exacerbate our Grr Argh feelings towards him, he woke up grumpy and stayed that way all Saturday, being as absolutely difficult as he possibly could, without being turfed out of home.
  • Something had been spilled in the bottom of the oven, so when I started to cook my baked cheesecake, the oven started to burn - the smoke affected the cheesecake - it had to be tossed out.  No time to spare to doing anything else.  No dessert.
  • Wasn’t able to make pasta salad as planned because BM had to clean oven after fire.  No pasta salad.
  • Quickly running out of time, didn’t get a chance to peel potatoes wedges to cook on barbie.  No potato wedges.
  • Oven being cleaned - can’t make the bruschetta.  No bruschetta. 
  • Went to have a quick shower to freshen up - of course our guests arrived then!!
  • We planned a barbeque for tea - it rained.  We had to set up a tarpaulin so that BM and the barbie could stay out of the rain while the meat cooked - so much for sitting in the backyard and enjoying a few ales. 
  • Anya (our kelpie pup) went berko, she loves people but she gets so over-excited - we had to lock her outside (in the rain), she wasn’t a happy camper.
  • My well planned meal went out the window, along with my sanity, but regardless of all that, it was wonderful to see caraway_, PG, BiB and SG again, and to meet caraway_'s mum, who was visiting from Canada - it really is amazing to meet LJ friends in real life.  I hope they enjoyed the chaotic evening, and I apologise profusely to them for any hospitality gaffs that may have occurred.  As so often happens in my life, shit happens, and there is very little I can do to prevent it, although sometimes I can at least control the depth of the shit I find myself in …

Of course yesterday and today SurlyBoy has been replaced by PodBoy (he’s the nice, polite one) and has spent the two days finally watching the last 6 episodes of S5 Angel, and all of Firefly - it’s sort of nice to share the love of the Jossverse with him - doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped the countdown till school resumes though.  Really looking forward to a couple of blissful weeks of solitude (at least from 8:30am till 3:30pm Mon-Thur) before uni starts back (EEK!!).


ETA: SurlyBoy has redeemed himself - tonight I was asking him about Firefly, and he commented that he had never noticed it in Buffy or Angel, but in Firefly he could see (‘read’) how well Joss created characters, and how interesting he made them.  River is his favourite character, but he also likes Mal.  He said that when he becomes a multi-billionaire(?!!) he will fund Joss so we can continue to see his wonderful stories and characters on TV (my boy can be such a pain, but I do love him so … how can you not love a 17 year old who appreciates the creativity of Joss Whedon).  I am so glad that J is taught to ‘read’ a TV show just the same as a classic novel - this is the single most important thing I have gained from my uni studies - the appreciation of pop culture, it truly was a revelation to me the day I watched a Simpsons episode in class.

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Oh you and K are in for such a treat! J began watching X-Files long before I was a regular viewer (thank goodness for videos and dvds) - I think he was 9 or 10. He watched Buffy from the beginning too (and Angel), but I've never been able to get him interested in Farscape (or Star Trek) - he's got a bit of a thing against 'space' shows, although Firefly may have cured him of that ;-).

Re the day from hell - will probably look back and laugh about it - one day, far in the future ....
Wet dogs, surly boys, smoking ovens -- c'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? Poor Deb -- one always likes to feel in control and putting one's best foot forward and serving up the nice food to visitors. Glad you all got together anyway.
c'est la vie ::nods head vigorously::

feel in control and putting one's best foot forward ::continues nodding::

If it had been anyone else it wouldn't have been such a big deal - our 'old' friends would have just laughed and stood out under the tarp. Oh well next time ... Now we just have to see how we can get you over here as well for a LJ meet up!!!

Are your boys back yet - must be nice to have the noise level back up :-)
Boys are back. Will post on that.

Ah, yes, standing out under the tarp -- a fine Australasian tradition.

I would love to take part in a get-together with your lot and her lot. I'm sure you guys would like me just fine as long as I keep my mouth shut. (Don't worry -- I'm not deliberately provocative -- longstanding deepseated shyness did it to me -- if I couldn't say anything to someone, I could get their attention by voicing deeply provocative opinions -- most of which I actually believe in!)

I see you enjoyed thedeadlyhook's Dead Things smut out-take -- lovely piece of writing. I admire her a lot.
We all have a lot in common - we'd have plenty of things to talk about (even politics, nothing more stimulating than good friends, a drink or two, and a healthy political debate!).

Greatly enjoying thedeadlyhook's "Does it have to mean something", as well as the smut out-takes - good to see there are still some decent Spuffy stories out there amongst the dross.
No, you're right. I'm sure we'd all get along -- I just make those sort of statements out of nervousness!

Yeah, the deadlyhook is great -- smart and friendly and writes the good fic. God, so much Spuffy is so bloody predictable, isn't it. There's nothing like that feeling when you stumble on a goodie.
I, on the other hand, make completely stupid comments or try to be the clown, out of nervousness.

There's nothing like that feeling when you stumble on a goodie.
Or knowing that the writer really gets Buffy and Spike - it takes quite a bit of talent to write their voices correctly, and have the reader believe in them.
Oh sweetie, I'm sorry to have added to your stressful day from heck!!! Don't feel you have to perform for us. We had a great time. Supergirl has been saying she wants to return (to watch more South Park), and I'd love to come back some time when we have more time and less people. We've only just gotten back. I have bronchitis (I was just coming down with a cold in Sydney, but this always happens to me: a cold will turn into bronchitis every time), but will send you an email soon.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - at least you're back home.

Wasn't worried about you (well not much), knew you would take the chaos gracefully, but wished SurlyBoy's timing was better - I wanted to be relaxed, calm and organised, and that SO didn't happen. Will keep a watch for the e-mail.