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There was a time, many years ago, when I deluded myself that having a teenage son would be so much easier than having a teenage daughter - I mean I can remember what an absolute bitch I was as a teenager.  Gotta say how wrong that particular delusion was - J's mood can turn on a dime (pleasant to grumpy in zero seconds), and he apparently has conversations with podMum, who agrees to everything he asks for.  You'd think that I would remember the conversation in which I agreed to allow J to get a tattoo, but I don't - a conversation that J can remember very clearly (I personally think he has dream conversations with me).  So the ultimatum is a tattoo (which only costs $80 and until he's 18, still requires parental permission), or dreadlocks (which costs about $300).  However for me it's not the cost but the permanency - dreads can be shaved off, tattoos are forever (or at least forever without painful and costly laser removal).  Could the powers-that-be give me a frigging break ... all I ask is for one week where I don't have to butt heads with him over every frelling thing! ETA Please don't get the impression that J is a rotten kid, he's NOT, he's mostly a great kid and I'm proud to be his Mum, but sometimes I need to vent and LJ gives me that safety valve. Just ignore my rants if you want to.

On a more pleasant note caraway_ and her family are visiting us tomorrow.  It's incredibly wonderful to meet LJ friends in real life - wish I could do it with all my LJ friends.  We will have a good old Aussie barbeque in the backyard with plenty of homebrewed beer and lots of laughs.

Next Wednesday will see BM and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversay - WOO HOO!  Cannot believe it has been that long, and boy we've had some ups and downs over the years, losses and heartaches, but good times as well, and here we are - still standing (even on shaky arthritic knees).  Gotta say I'm a little bit proud of notching up 20 years, and incredibly aware of how fortunate I am - not every marriage works.

Feeling very reticent about returning to my uni studies - even worse after just a 12 month break, than when I originally resumed studies after a 20 year break.  The three remaining subjects are like this huge brick wall - I just don't want to write another essay, or give another tutorial preseentation, but I'm <<this>> close to my BA, so I will just make myself do it.

Lost has just finished downloading so will go and cheer myself up by watching the new episode, still waiting for Alias to download Further ETA I think I kinda love "Lost", not in a Buffy or Farscape way, but maybe a Firefly way - just getting to enjoy the characters, and their backstories, and the big plus is it's not a police procedural, or forensic investigation, or hospital emergency yadda yadda yadda. I know there are some detractors about continuity and characterisation, but I think I will just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Hope you and Caraway have a really lovely time together and that your barbie goes well!