Go the All Blacks ...

... gave the Poms the pizzling they deserved. Hopefully they taught England that there is more to rugby than kicking the ball (we was robbed, bloody Johnny Wilkinson and his 'golden boot').
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Can you imagine the amount of cheering and gloating going on in this country right now? We were convinced we were going to get done like a dinner. I'm at my sister's place in Auckland and we were going to watch The West Wing and thought we'd just have a little peek at the rugby and it was so bloody exciting we never turned back. How's it being interpreted on your side of the ditch?
Re: All Blacks
Suffering slightly from lack of sleep, traditionally the Queen's birthday weekend is celebrated with fireworks, which of course gets the dogs going, so spent a fair portion of the night calming down our puppy. What I've seen so far, mostly jubilant joy at the Poms being beaten, as an Aussie I am never happier than when a team beats them, put it down to post-colonial angst. Here's a couple of headlines: "All Blacks shame world champs", and "All Blacks destroy champions: A RAMPANT New Zealand All Blacks put world champions England to the sword, with a first-half three-try blitz in Dunedin tonight that formed the basis of an emphatic first Test win. England, at the dawn of a post-Martin Johnson era and without Jonny Wilkinson, were left clutching at straws as the black wave swept forward, and their much touted forward pack crumbled before the New Zealand eight."

Hope your weekend wasn't too fraught, know a thing or two about uncomfortable family gatherings. If you've ever got a week or two free, happy to relate some of my "God I wish I could swap families" tales.