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Mother's logic: Story 2

I had to buy presents for us with money from Mother, wrap them and bring them home, so we could open them on Christmas day.  Mum asked BM what she had given him for Christmas - he showed her the new socket set he had purchased.  Mum's comment "oh I thought you would have had enough tools by now" - what the fuck ...  yes that's right Mum, he spent $100 on tools he didn't want or need, God she drives me crazy.

N.B. I figure that at least a week's worth of mother rant will get all the angst out of my system, so either bear with me kind flist, or just skip over completely.

PodBoy has gone away, and the surly teenager returned.  J was in the most foul mood yesterday, the chicken burger place was closed, there was no bread at the top shop, the road is littered with incompetent drivers, none of his friends are around, our computer sucks, and on and on and on ... only five more weeks till school starts, joy oh joy oh joy.  I'm hoping for a better mood today.

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