Mother's logic: Story 2

I had to buy presents for us with money from Mother, wrap them and bring them home, so we could open them on Christmas day.  Mum asked BM what she had given him for Christmas - he showed her the new socket set he had purchased.  Mum's comment "oh I thought you would have had enough tools by now" - what the fuck ...  yes that's right Mum, he spent $100 on tools he didn't want or need, God she drives me crazy.

N.B. I figure that at least a week's worth of mother rant will get all the angst out of my system, so either bear with me kind flist, or just skip over completely.

PodBoy has gone away, and the surly teenager returned.  J was in the most foul mood yesterday, the chicken burger place was closed, there was no bread at the top shop, the road is littered with incompetent drivers, none of his friends are around, our computer sucks, and on and on and on ... only five more weeks till school starts, joy oh joy oh joy.  I'm hoping for a better mood today.

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That kind of pinched small-minded lack of joy in anything is exhausting and dispiriting, isn't it. Why don't you teleport over and we can sit around and have a drink and a piece of my Christmas cake and watch some favourite episodes . . .
That sounds wonderful!!! Now if I can just find that old teleport system that Captain Kirk left here, I'll be right over. What episodes have you got lined up?

My mother is exhausting, I'm still trying to recover.

I'm liking the teleporter idea. Do you mean your mom didn't buy you one for Christmas?
Well she wouldn't buy it for me, although she may give me the money to buy one - oh no wait, she has to take extra money on her NZ trip, so there won't be any money for presents in this coming year. Looks like it's the old teleporter after all.
I'm sorry you're feeling low. Are you feeling that maybe the move wasn't such a good idea? I think it's very brave to pick up sticks and go to the other side of the world... and face it, Australia is pretty weird.
Perhaps you should not use a pot of Vegemite as an example of normalcy. On the other hand, you seemed to find my nostalgic description of cross-country skiing in -20 weather as a less than ideal New Year's Eve. I wonder why?
And what exactly is wrong with Vegemite, may I ask, she-who-attends-moveable-parties-on-skis.

Off to dig out S3 dvds.
Oh heck, I go back and forth. The important thing, as PG would say, is to enjoy what you have and live in the moment. I am, unfortunately, more of a worrier ant than a grasshopper, in the great lawn of life. Much into analysis of lost ops, at least when I'm in a bad mood. The better part of valor is discretion, brave or stupid, and all that.

S3 Buffy, I like it. I think I've lost any creativity for the day, anyhow. 'Bad Girls' would be very nice around now.
Just for a change, a bit of season 3 might be nice. Bit of Faith'n'Buffy, perhaps.

(Kids are outside playing with a blowing bubbles kit, and I'm just up to the vegetable garden to dig my spuds and check my tomatoes. Heavy rain is due.)
My suggestions - "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland" back to back, and for a bit of Baith "Bad Girls".
Sounds spot on. I'll start on them tonight and raise a toast across the Tasman. Actually I used to really like Beauty and the Beasts a lot too, that is before B/A started to turn my stomach.
Beer glass chilling as we speak, dvd disc loaded and waiting. Have to agree with you on the stomach churning aspects of B/A - unfortunate because it prevents me from really enjoying certain episodes now.
A toast to both of you, though I went for re-reading anaross's Journeys while downloading photos. Cheers across the Tasman, to the sheep-shaggers from the lumberjackess!
No, but she does have a new chapter up, as well as a new completed story "Unspoken", and a new chapter of another story "Choices"(?).
Well, there I was getting to watch the agreed episodes of season 3, when suddenly I realised I have never owned season 3 on DVD -- have half of it, the first half, on tape, borrowed from a friend two years ago, and it really should go back. But I watched The Wish as a start, and found it interesting. The sexy thing is supposed to be vamp!Willow but she seriously bores me -- all that little-girl-evil ``bored now'' stuff was a blast the first time round but now it just feeds into my boredom with little girly Willow all around. What did interest me was seeing early Anya, before she tied up with Xander; and mostly, I was interested in the poor little White Hats group, with desperate Giles and Oz et al struggling to make a difference, and Giles believing that there had to be a better version of reality.

This version of Buffy was also interesting -- flat, cold, without the``normal life'' -- Jesus, real Buffy didn't know how lucky she really was. And the scenes near the end were grim -- everyone dying -- Angel, Xander, Willow, Buffy....

Poor Cordelia -- I thought she and Xander were good together, and the bastards never let her have a proper relationship with Angel either, when that would have been so good for both of them. Lay B/A to rest too!
I've come to the conclusion that we each bring so much of our personal biases to re-viewing the episodes that it is nearly impossible to be objective. "The Wish" to me is Noxon hitting the viewer over the head with how lucky Buffy is to have her friends/family/watcher to support her whilst Cleveland Buffy "doesn't play well with others". If you ask me Buffy would have been a lot better off in the latter seasons without her judgemental friends imposing their limitations and expectations on her.

Much prefer this Cordy to SaintCordy of AtS. Still on the XanderHate train though, and yes it is interesting to see the beginnings of Anya again.
Yeah, you're right about the personal biases. I didn't feel hit over the head at all by that episode -- I actually think it is very clever and pretty valid.

I wouldn't completely agree either that Buffy would have been better off without her friends in the later seasons. I think season 6 showed how deeply flawed all of them were. Including Buffy. And Buffy wouldn't even have been there if her friends hadn't brought her back - which I find it hard to condemn them for. (Though of course Willow's arrogance is another matter altogether.) The thing I condemn Buffy the most for in season 6 is her terrible treatment of Spike. Now you could lessen the blame on her for that by saying it was because her friends would have been so hard on her if they knew. But that only works as an argument if Buffy was nice to him in private but refused to ``come out of the closet''. But she was bloody horrible to him in private to when no-one was there to judge. And surely having a bit of spine means loving where you will. And I thought she was a brave girl. So! I don't hate the Scoobs too much -- all I wanted was for everyone to be held accountable for their actions.
Not better off without them, just not trying to live up to their idolised expectations of her - and Willow didn't bring her back because she thought Buffy was in hell, she brought her back because she could, and because she needed the validation of being Buffy's friend (IMO anyway).