Christmas Story 1 - Logic as per my mother

My mother is travelling to New Zealand in February - it is her first ever overseas trip.  Following is a conversation I had with her:

Me (looking over NZ itinerary): How much money are you taking Mum?

Mum: Just enough to cover a helicopter ride, I don't want to do anything else.

Me: But you have to buy lunch most days.

Mum: No, everything is included.

Me: No it isn't, not according to the itinerary.

Mum: But everything was included on the Tassie trip.

Me: That was 25 years ago Mum, and in Australia, not on an overseas trip.

Brother then also chimes in - heated discussion ensues about how much money she will need.

Mum finally accepts the fact that she will have to take plenty of money, not just enough to cover the helicopter trip, but then makes one of her all time classic comments:

"Well, you'll all have to go without birthday presents next year".

What fucking convoluted logic is that >>> we don't get anything because she fucked up, and didn't read the itinerary properly >>> WHATEVA MOTHER, take your stinking presents and shove it.  More tales to come.

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