I'm back ....

I'm home, we survived (just).  *Hugs* computer, *hugs* LJ **massive hugs** for flist.  Tales of the "Feats of Festivus" forthcoming.
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Welcome back. So glad you survived! Did you get anything nice?
It was touch and go - I'll probably post some of the more salient moments when I get a chance.

My Chrissie haul was good (even if I bought most of it myself, in anticipation of, or with, cash given) - dvds LOTR: Return of the King Extended Version, Farscape Season 4, Buffy calendar, 2 Spike calendars (long story), pen, writing pad, diary (my brother always gives me a huge A4 diary, and I always feel so bad, and don't tell him I have a Franklin Covey system - nice leather case, refillable inserts - and therefore don't need a diary). Greatest gift - coming home!!

So glad to see you had an enjoyable time - mine went much as I imagined, arguments, seething resentment, working my butt off with no thanks, surly boy from hell (you made me come along, I will make you pay), tension to the wazoo - ah yes, I must be home!!

What goodies did you get? I can't believe how much I missed hearing from you and the rest of my flist over the past week, I so need the outlet for venting that LJ provides - made me realise how much LJ has brought to my life. I'm really looking forward to seeing caraway_ again when she and her family drop by in January.

Good to see the Kiwi cricketeers doing well - the Pakistanis are giving the Aussies a run for their money in the current test - I think they must have embarassed themselves into performing well after the last test fiasco.
Oh, Debbi, so sorry your Christmas was like that -- I hope you do something different next year that you and your menfolk can actually enjoy!

No-one thought to give me Buffy stuff. They still regard it as deeply odd and childish -- I bought myself a Buffy calendar though.

My haul was:
Blender from Mum and Dad
Alarm clock from sister
Wooden photo frame from brother
Lovely perfume and body lotion from other sister
Candle from niece
Little photo album from other niece
Cat-shaped trivet and little chocs and lotion from ex-in-laws
Beautiful patterned stockings from friend

Which was all pretty nice. And I went to an after-Xmas sale today and got the cheapest on-special cordless phone to replace the old one which was kaput.

The cricket thing is interesting. The Sri Lankans have decided to continue their tour, but have asked to postpone the next match in Napier until next month to allow them to observe five days of mourning. The one-day rankings are Australia (1), Sri Lanka (2) and NZ (3) which is pretty interesting and makes the one-day series here important. It's also interesting given how well we did in the one-dayers against your lot.

I have to say that it did make me feel slightly better for our team seeing how badly the Pakistanis did in the first test. They're putting on a better show now, though, aren't they. And your team are coming to play us again after the Sri Lankan tour, which is a little odd but will be great viewing (I hope). Dad and I did some bonding over the cricket when I was there. It's funny -- he's a compulsive sports addict and thinks that because I am really interested in cricket that I'll be interested in other sports too and he starts going on about some guy in the All Blacks and I take perverse pleasure in saying I've never heard of him, much to Dad's horror. Then, after seeing me read John McEnroe's memoir, he'll ask me what I think of some bint who's number one in tennis now, and I'll tell him I've never heard of her. I'm only interested in sport as human drama, and the Black Caps are that, as is McEnroe. Most of it is a personality-free zone in my humble opinion.

Actually my family get sick of my humble opinions -- they think they're arrogant ones. Though I avoided another argument with my sister over Jennifer Garner, but did get into one with her about kids all having cellphones at school. Her teenage children sneered politely at me and accused me of living in the past. Smug little overprivileged buggers.
A very nice haul indeed.

Gillespie just got another 50, and McGrath LBW, so Pakistan is back in - much better show than last time.

Next year it is just us - WOO HOO!

Oh dear, do I now admit to the fact of J having a mobile phone, and how very useful we have found it to be - not only for keeping track of him (in a good way, not lurking, have to know every movement parental way), but also as a safety feature.
Oh, don't worry about what I say! What you said is exactly what my sister and brother-in-law said too! What do I know. I only have tiny children.
Hey, I'm an Aussie, I've got a sense of humour ... You have so much to look forward to as your teeny tinies become hormonal, surly, monosyllabic teenagers - I laugh in anticipation ::cue evil maniacal(?) laughter with organ in the background:: ;-)
Didn't realise the Sri Lankans were touring NZ - the report I saw was only going on about how well the NZ captain was batting - guess the tour may be cancelled now. My sister-in-law and niece were scheduled to fly out for a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam on Dec 29, will have to check to see what they are doing now - travellers are being advised not to go to the affected areas of course - the locals will have enough to worry about without more bloody Aussie tourists wandering around.