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A brief note

My icon says it all.  Tension mounting as departure date draws closer, and I won't even have LJ to keep me distracted when I'm at Mum's place - WAH!!

I think J may have been replaced by a podperson - he has been reasonable, talkative, even tempered (so not my boy) for a few days - I guess it could be that he really needed the break from school, but I may start checking basements in the street any day now.

kassto  - the latest Lost vcds are heading your way.

That's it.

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Remember: (1) only 3 days, only 3 days...

(2) alcohol, just enough to numb you, not enough to say what you really think.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Three day chant running through my head constantly. As Homer says 'alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all the world's problems'.

Are you still going camping for your break - if so may the mossies be kind and the weather fair, and remember the sunscreen!!!

I'll be back Boxing Day (or possibly sooner, depending on ....).
depending on....

...whether the defence of provocation is still on the books.... *g*

Yeah, we're off to Philip Island on Friday, back on Monday. Then my mom arrives on Jan. 3. We are still talking about whipping by Wooly on our way back from Sydney on Friday the 14th or Sat. the 15th with my mamma. Will you be oot and aboot (as we Canadians say?). Are you up for a visit? We won't come if my Mom has gone insane (or we have gone insane from being with her). But when she is good, she is quite a hoot. Really.
Finally wrested the computer off BM - he's supposedly on hols but has spent the morning doing work.

We'll be around 14th/15th - Sat would probably work better for us, but do whatever you have to do for your schedule. I'll give you a ring on that other communication device next week to talk details.

I have no problem with other people's mothers - your Mum's more than welcome.

Enjoy the weekend, and watch out for rampaging fairy penguins.