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What a weird couple of weeks, ehh…

J failed his driver’s test, missed a school zone sign, immediate fail but did score over 90 in the driving part, so better luck next time. Of course for a 17 yr old, it is the end of the world as we know it, he really needs to work on his anger management issues.

Well Thatcher is off to the Reagan funeral, no surprise there, the two greatest exponents of economic rationalism (before our own wonderful PM that is) to ever grace the world. Ahhh… Thatcherism and Reaganomics, didn’t that change the face of the world. Remember watching a doco on Nicaragua in a politics subject - Reagan, Bush whatever, names change, not so much foreign policy, but then again I also live in a country that was invaded by the British a couple of hundred years ago.

Our own political masters continue to concern me. I have noticed an ever increasing conservatism creeping (or possibly galloping) into society, heavily supported by the current Federal government. At the moment the PM is attempting to subvert same sex marriages by changing the marriage act to specifically say the marriage between a man and a woman, sanctimonious bastard. Then of course last week there was the furore over a lesbian couple with their child on Play School, what perverts they are at the ABC (our national broadcaster) exposing little children to this sort of thing. Much better that they be exposed to bigotry and racism. Personally I think the littlies exact more harm from an episode of Teletubbies, but hey that’s me. The image of Australia as a country that gives everyone a ‘fair go’ has taken a severe battering over recent years, and continues to do so.

Have been watching S4 Angel DVDs and Buffy S7 over the last week or so. Realised that I don’t actually watch the Buffy eps so much as fast forward to the Spike bits … mmmm … might have to ponder that for a while. Now the Angel eps I do watch, and have enjoyed the commentaries as well (not so much on the Buffy DVDs though - I’m wondering how far back Nick Brendon’s problem goes, I was surprised at how inappropriate some of his comments were, and LMPTM was like a Fury/Goddard lovefest by DB Woodside, and a giggling JM in the background, really quite strange).

Speaking of JM, so pleased I am not going to see him in Melbourne. The bits and pieces on LJ about him over the last couple of days have been quite disturbing to me, and I really don’t know why I have expended so much time thinking about it. I read a great description of him (pause while I flip through LJ world for it, no can’t find the exact quote), something along the lines that JM was merely the vessel that brought the being of Spike onto the earthly plane, and I think that is what I am going with, it really is the character of Spike that I have found fascinating and riveting over the last seven years or so, and that JM is only the vessel, and I am going to return to the place where I couldn’t give two figs about him and his personal bits, GoTR included (or especially since I did D/L a couple of songs out of curiousity, and OH MY GOD, how bad were they).

Really missing uni at the moment, do spend far too much time on my own, so will enjoy the academic stimulus again next semester, but only one subject with B doing the temp manager position, too much stress otherwise. Oh well back to Angel, or possibly the Footrot Flats video I got J for his birthday.

ETA - Just read an LJ entry that confirmed my suspicions - the LI thing was a big beat up. That's the thing with memories, they really are all little fictions, because NO one person remembers the same thing even if they are at the same event. JM returns to loveable dork status, but still remains someone that I personally would not want to see at a convention, concert etc.
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The whole JM thing is a bit weird. Were you reading entrenous88's review of Ghost of the Robot? I don't think she was really suggesting he was breaking the law or anything -- just a bit of a dig about his taste for very young women. I'm totally with you about not wanting to get into that sort of fandom -- the hanging round at conventions, watching someone's awful band so you can ogle them. I find what I know of JM that he seems likeable but immature. God, he's the same age as me, and I couldn't bear hanging round with teenagers, or God forbid, going out with one. I like to make a very, very clear distinction between the character and the actor.

The Footrot Flats video -- cute. Great theme song by Dave Dobbyn and Herbs. Bloody Australians -- they steal all our best musicians!

Back to JM -- I'm actually really sick of him -- I mean of hearing about him. The one who is really mysterious to me is SMG. You hear so little of her. And why does she never appear on the DVD commentaries.
Entrenous88 was one of the reviews I read (and no I didn’t think he was doing anything illegal either, but it still squicked me for some reason), also a couple of reviews of the Moonlight Rising convention concert where he was allegedly drunk, singing badly (or more badly) and making out with groupies. Not sure what disturbs me the most, the ripped off money paying fans because of the poor performance, or that some females still ‘whore’ themselves out to a pretty face, or that JM took up what was offered (to whatever extent that was). The funny thing to me is that I have expended energy on this matter at all, and I don’t understand why I have such a feeling of disappointment about someone I don’t know (or ever will) when up until a few days ago I really had no general interest in JM the person anyway. I’m 45 years old for God’s sake (well in July I will be), not some squeeing fan girl!! Very strange indeed. I guess I had a certain image of him regarding his treatment of women, and these reports have skewed that image. Oh well, he is just a man after all, and to quote my husband, the erect penis has no conscience.

SMG strikes me as a very private person, not the Hollywood type at all. Of course I have only gleaned this from what I have read, so take it with a grain of salt. However she doesn’t seem to do the glitzy red carpet stuff unless a movie or whatever needs promotion, and doesn’t come across as needing the constant fan adoration that others seem to crave. My own personal opinion of why she doesn’t do conventions etc (apart from that fact she doesn’t need the money or the profile raising) is that she is TV/film actor, and really feels uncomfortable in front of an audience, unlike others who have done stage etc. I went to a Star Trek convention a few years ago and one of the guests was an actor from ST:Voyager (it was her first job) and she was absolutely abysmal - monosyllabic answers, no amusing anecdotes and frighteningly uncomfortable, however Patrick Stewart was absolutely, completely, wholly wonderful (nope no squeeing fan girl here OK?), and played the audience so well, he OWNED the crowd - I guess JM does that too.

I’d have to check but I think the actor’s commentaries have only appeared on recent DVDs. There are some interview type stuff on the earlier DVDs, JM, AH, DB, ASH, NB, Julia whatsit (Mission Impossible daughter), but no SMG. DB doesn’t do much on the Angel DVDs either, from what I can remember. Star power I guess, don’t have to do anything you’re not contracted to.

Don’t you still have Dave Dobbyn, can’t remember hearing of him in donkeys (you can have Russell Crowe back anytime if you want him).
Forgot to say how much I'm love, love, loving Herself's WIP, not only enjoying watching the writing process, but my little Spuffy heart is pitter pattering at the potential reunion.