In retrospect ...

the 5-in-1 home theatre system we got J for Christmas - not such a good idea.  He's busy testing it out (seemed pointless carting it 400km to my mum's and then back again, and seeing as he is on holidays, he got it early), and as much as I admire and respect Eminem's musical talent, I'm not sure that I want to listen to it that loudly.  Oh no, we've moved on to Linkin Park - looks like it's going to be a lonnnnggggggg afternoon.  Do you think he could go back to watching the Stars Wars dvd??
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  • Current Music: "One Step Closer" Linkin Park - somehow seems appropriate!
My work here is done ;) - only too happy to share the joy of teenagerdom.

Have you watched any S4 Farscape yet, I just rewatched a few episodes last night. I think "A Constellation of Doubt" is one of the cleverest episodes of TV I've ever seen, and makes such a statement, made me realise how much I miss 'clever' TV shows like Buffy etc.
Jen, I've been meaning to make some half coherent comments on "Farscape", but I'm so stressed at the moment I don't think even half coherent would be possible. Next week, after Christmas, when I'm me again, and have soaked up the wonders of more S4, I'll get back to you.