To do list

Major present for J                                           þ

Present for mother                                            þ

Presents purchased by me for us from Mum      þ

Christmas cake made                                        þ

Rum balls (2nd batch)                                        þ

DVDs for J                                                       þ

Playstation games for J                                      ý

Present for brother                                            ý

Present for uncle                                               ý

Present for mother-in-law                                 ý

Nervous breakdown at thought of spending

       Xmas with both our mothers                      þ þ þ

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You know how to do such cool things in your entries! By the way, I have loved that Miranda fic -- printed it out and read it in the plane and here at the folks' place. But then it seemed to run out before the end. Damn! I'm sure it wasn't the end. I'll have to look online when I get some more computer time to check. I had printed out up to part 10 but it didn't seem to be the end of the story...

Good luck with your Xmas prep!
Pleased to hear you enjoyed the story - Ch 10 is the last chapter, so maybe it didn't all print - here's the link to the page

Also pleased to see you've made a new convert to "Lost". Ch 7 here is showing ads for the 'exciting' new series, starting in February - BM and I just look at each other with wry grins when they come on TV :-) Also keep seeing ads for "Joey", and have to keep reminding myself that NO, James Marsters won't be appearing on it !!!

Re cool things in LJ - I just did the list in Word, and then cut and paste to LJ, the little tick boxes lined up in Word but went skewiff in LJ - not surprising for LJ.

More shopping today - Yuk.
Yeah, t'is the season for overwrought emotional behaviour isn't it?

Hugs always help though. Hope Bean is continuing to improve. My son is now on his annual six week school holiday - the joy just keeps coming!