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I tried to work out when it will be the 13th in Texas, but me and time zones - so not mixy, but it's the evening of the 13th here, so I figured I would post this now, and then go and raise a glass of cold beer to you and send you vibes from across the Pacific Ocean for much happiness on your birthday.  Hope you have a great birthday!!!

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Indeed I am - beer in hand (11:00pm here), waiting for re-run of Alias to start so I can watch/record (never watched first 2 seasons), and for J to return from party (yep, that stage of teenage life).

Oh definitely - the last few episodes have had me going slack-jawed at the end of each episode (Arvin and his wife in cahoots, the roomie ring-in), very much how I feel about "Lost" - can't remember the last time I screamed at the TV, "no you can't finish there!!!". Hubbie had missed a couple of episodes of "Lost", and we caught up on the weekend - when Ep 11 finished he said "OK let's watch the next one" - boy was he disappointed when I said "that's it for a month or so" ::stupid US TV schedule:: We may have to wait a few months for a series to start (unless I can't wait and download), but at least when it does, the whole season is shown week after week until it finishes.