Highs and lows

High - with Christmas money from my mum, I purchased LOTR: Two Towers Extended Version and LOTR: Return of the King Extended Version this morning.  Many hours of enjoyable Chrissie viewing.

Low - the pleasure of shopping at this time of year, even grocery shopping becomes a major chore.  Shops are full, ALL the time.  My weekly shopping expedition was aborted, all I purchased were 6 packs of chilli Kettle chips, 15 pack of bottled water, fridge pack of coke cans, and bones for the dog. 

High - lunch with a friend.

Low - J has no school today, so have to fight for computer time.

High - Lunching friend gave me a uni library book to read Quality Popular Television, and the programmes included in the definition of 'quality' - Buffy (of course), Star Trek (all of the series), Xena, X-Files, Northern Exposure, Millenium, M*A*S*H, The Simpsons etc etc etc - should be a fun read, even if it is theoretical.

Low - cricket delayed by rain.

High - new episode of Lost downloaded, burnt to video cd and ready to watch tonight.

Low - still 15 shopping days till Christmas, wonder if we can survive on the food that's already in the cupboards and freezer?

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Oh that crazy Martha, wonder what's going to be on her Christmas table this year.

If only we could spread our Christmas social functions over the year, BM and I might actually have an active social life.