Farscape and other matters

For those who know what I mean - The Peacekeeper Wars - D'Argo - WAHHHHH!!!!

I'm trying to get Christmassy but it isn't working - less than three weeks to go, and I haven't even bought one single present, let alone have any idea what to get anyone, and I hate last minute shopping so I best pull my finger out.  I suspect that it is the prospect of spending Christmas in the company of both my mother and mother-in-law that is giving me the heebie jeebies, not that they're intrinsically bad people, but a double dose of mother guilt, 24/7, no one needs that.

J seems to be over the brief glitch at school, although it is easy to see that he is ready for a break.  He has end-of-school-year-itis, tired, grumpy, listless - (only a keen eye can pick the difference between this and 'normal' teenage behaviour).  This will be the first summer break when I won't have to ferry him around everywhere, he can drive himself there.  Mum's taxi service has deservedly gone into retirement.

Oh well, might try and address a few Christmas cards, or not.  Come on someone, festive me up!!

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Well, ummm ... yes, that icon did cheer me up (and the suit picture was pretty good too) - looks at pretty icon again, and again ......

D'Argo Sun-Chrichton - made me cry all over again, I'm such a soppy romantic.

Not sure when I'll not worry about J driving, but that's being a parent I guess. The day you stop worrying would be a sad day indeed.
D'Argo Sun-Chrichton

Sheesh, make that D'Argo Sun-Crichton - think I've got the Christmas wobblies.