I Don't Need No Steenking Teenager's Help

Why is the satisfaction of achieving something small far better than doing something earth shattering?  I recently downloaded Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and wanted to transfer the files to DVD to watch on the TV rather than the computer.  The files were too large.  I asked J if he knew how to split video files .  He made a few suggestions - none worked.  So today I set myself the task, found a shareware program, split the video files, and burnt them to DVD.  YES ::me punching the air, feeling very pleased with myself::  Guess what I'm watching tonight? 
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Man, you're family will soon be all partied out.

Hoodoos - wonderful, fun band. Their song "What's My Scene" (changed to What's My Game) was the theme song for this year's Rugby League series. Mental as Anything was probably more my age group 'fun' band.
No more parties for another year! Actually this one was just really afternoon tea. S's birthday is actually today (whereas D's real birthday is Christmas Day). It was worth it just for the look of awe on his little face when I brought out his cake with the three little candles and we all sang Happy Birthday. Second chocolate cake I've made in three days. Rang up me Ma and asked her for a failsafe recipe and it worked. Plastered 'em with chocolate icing, though S doesn't like it. ``I don't like the ice, Mum,'' he says firmly. Then Smarties all round the edge and candles in the middle -- fairly basic. No fancy shapes or designs!

Mental as Anything -- what did they sing? I was thinking of Down Under but that was Men at Work, wasn't it?

And what about ``It's a Long Way to the Shop if you Want a Sausage Roll''!