I Don't Need No Steenking Teenager's Help

Why is the satisfaction of achieving something small far better than doing something earth shattering?  I recently downloaded Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and wanted to transfer the files to DVD to watch on the TV rather than the computer.  The files were too large.  I asked J if he knew how to split video files .  He made a few suggestions - none worked.  So today I set myself the task, found a shareware program, split the video files, and burnt them to DVD.  YES ::me punching the air, feeling very pleased with myself::  Guess what I'm watching tonight? 
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Won't be for a day or so, need to split 2nd half and burn to DVD today, but did thoroughly enjoy what I saw last night, and I may need to go back and watch S4 a bit more thoroughly this time, rather than skimming through for J/A bits ;)