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Bah humbug indeed

Sadly I feel this may be the case. Perhaps if my wee boy was seven, rather than seventeen, in may have been different.

A Christmas Carol
You are 'Christmas Time is Here, by Golly!', by Tom
Lehrer. Hmm, you really don't like Christmas,
do you? From the moment they start playing
carols in the shops in October to the
appearance of the first Easter Eggs in the
shops on New Years Eve, the rampant hypocrisy
of the Christmas spirit sets your teeth on
edge. You know just how many family fights
start over Christmas dinner, how many people
are injured in the Boxing Day sales, and how
few people actually find Christmas even
remotely merry. You liked Scrooge far better
before those ghosts got to him, and you are
only doing this quiz because you are bored at
work and anything is better than listening to
everyone else discuss their Christmas shopping.
Still, it is two days off work, which does
count for something... Enjoy the break.

What Christmas Carol are you?
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I think I may have been majorly influenced by the prospect of spending Christmas with both my mother and my mother-in-law (Mum suggested inviting BM's mum, and she's agreed) - BM and I aren't too sure how we will survive - it will be a very short stay, so I was feeling bah humbug before I even did the quiz. It was very different when J was young, children are very much a component of Christmas joy.
Ah, ya poor bugger. Tricky Christmas with the mother and mother-in-law. I'll think of you and drink a toast from over here.

Speaking of teen sullenness, I remember being surly as hell when I was 16/17/18, even at Christmas, but once I hit my early 20s I was much more fun, having found my feet a little. And was right back into Christmas too, harrassing my folks with my presence, and presents, at that time of year.