Subject choices for 2005 - oh my God!!!!

As I suspected the 2005 University of Wollongong timetable mostly involves subjects that fall into my already nominated category of  "subjects I don't want to do but there's nothing else and at least it's another 6 or 8 credit points towards my total of 144 credit points (124 already done)", and I'll have to do subjects in Autumn and Spring semesters, rather than finishing all three in Autumn.  Bugger, bugger, bugger.

My narrowed down, exciting choices for anyone who is interested (unless I can talk someone into letting me do ENGL350: Fantasy and Popular Fiction again).  See if you can sense a theme happening here.

AUST102: Australian Studies - Narrating the Nation

This subject introduces students to different perspectives on the meanings of ‘Australia” and ‘Australianess in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explores a series of key texts which represent Australia, Australians and the continent through a variety of genres. Students explore these ideas from a combination of historical, literary, geographical and cultural perspectives. The subject asks how Australia and being Australian has been represented by different people from different social groups at different times.

ENGL260: Nineteenth Century Australian Literary Culture

This subject examines nineteenth-century Australian literary culture in the context of contemporary critical theories of gender, race, class and colonialism. Amongst other things, it examines the representation and critique of gender roles, the process by which national literary canons and national identity are constructed, and the manner in which colonial ideology played a critical role in the representation of Aboriginal people and Aboriginality in the literature of the period.

ENGL375: Australia Fair - Nation, 'Race' and Culture

This subject explores the interrelationship between cultural industries and the dominant story of the Australian nation. It takes into consideration a collection of texts from a variety of genres (including literature, film, television, children’s literature, explorers’ journals, journalism etc), from different moments in Australian history and from many different locations. The subject considers how and why dominant national stories emerge and how and why they are maintained and protected.

If I'm going to do background research, I may as well do it only once!  Yeesh!


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Waaargh! Wouldn't touch any of those with a 20-foot barge pole! But that's just me. Scared of being expected to be politically correct!

I'm braced for one-day cricket on Sunday. That same day I shall be hosting D's 6th birthday party. Two hours only! I've bought him poster paint and brushes and glitter glue and paper coz he likes his art.
My choice is very limited at this stage, but yeah, different courses for different horses. I've actually found most of my courses to be politically incorrect, questioning the dominant discourses that are foisted on us by various mediums (and yeah there comes that radical leftie again).

My prayers will be with you on Sunday, cricket and party wise ;) BM is away for the weekend with mates and motorcycles, and J just asked me if he can have the car overnight to visit a mate, which means it's just me and the dog tomorrow night - PARTY FOR ONE!! Surprisingly enough I think I can cope with that.
Hope you are enjoying your parteh, I personally am watching George of the Jungle with the kids. Hmph.

Those subjects do sound remarkably.... similar. Some of my fave students took a subject called 'Migrant Nation', perhaps most like door 3, which they loved. Is Australia still considered a continent, all on its own?
George, George, George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree ... have been taking bits and pieces of it myself, in between taped Classic Seinfeld eps.

Sadly the boy's plans changed - not that it makes much difference, he flits between mates' houses, briefly returning for food or monetary refills.

Australia as a continent - hmmmm ... arbitrary borders decided by who? What makes a nation, a nationality, who/what do we identify ourselves as? Yep, Sat night imponderables.

Off to watch "The Bill", possibly followed by S4 "Buffy" or "Star Wars" on dvd - depending on how I feel.