Summer with a vengeance, and a new look LJ

Thank you summer for reminding me why I like winter.  Hot again, but only 35 degrees today :-0.  Looking forward to the southerly buster that is supposedly coming this afternoon.


To celebrate summer I have a new look LJ (well I had to do something that didn’t involve using too much energy, although there was some vexation and grinding of teeth).


Have now jumped through all the appropriate hoops, and my degree is again 'active'.  Now just waiting for the new timetable to come online, so I can see if there is actually any subjects that:  

  1. I want to do

  2. I might want to do, but will sit in for the first few classes and see if I will continue
  3. I don't want to do but there's nothing else and at least it's another 6 or 8 credit points towards my total of 144 credit points (124 already done). With only three subjects left to do, most of the subjects now fall into the this category.

Off to bottle beer ::Homer voice:: Hmmmm .... beer ....

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PG is brewing beer too. Will it blow up if it gets too hot? Shouldn't we drink it now *g*?

Good luck with the subject-hunting, and congrats on breaking through to admin.
Re beer blowing up (and a lot depends on what sort of beer, in what container etc etc - it's a very complicated and serious matter) - all depends what sort of capping process you use, and where you store it. It takes at least 2 weeks to be ready to drink anyway. When you're brewing it's important it doesn't get over 32 degress - sometimes we have to wrap the containers in wet towels to keep the temp down - conversely in winter we wrap an electric blanket around to regulate temp. Brewing - very serious indeed ...
Speaking of serious matters, that is a seriously hot new icon you've got. :once again, impressed:
There are some seriously impressive icon makers around (I'm not one of them) but I do research very well, and also have a lot of time on my hands. Just for you, another new icon I recently discovered.

The southerly change is just arriving - hallelujah, but I'm still ordering Chinese for tea :-)