Fondue, slides and good friends

Spent a very pleasant evening last night in the company of some very old friends, and a few ring ins (Pommy visitors of one couple that got dragged along, and next door neighbour and daughter of another couple).

The evening was all about fondue and slides.  BM, Merv and Gary met years ago when they were going to tech, and travelled to a number of bike rallies together.  We saw many slides of motor bikes, tents, bleary looking blokes, and vast tracts of the "Aussie outback".  Some in the crowd heckled, (too many tents, too many bikes, too many dusty outback roads) but there were also people in the slides that are no longer with us.  Shared memories of good times keeps us going on the bad days, and makes you smile on the good ones. 

Gary showed us slides of Marrakesh(?) and Fez that transported us briefly to another world, amazing how much of a culture can be captured on a tiny square of film.  Merv brought out haphazard family slides that were also a 'moment' in time - Australia in the 60s and 70s - the clothes, the hairstyles, the shoes!!!  Even a can of beer on a table makes you think about the time it was from - Toohey's Lite (the most disgusting beer ever made), but a sign of the times with the introduction of RBT (random breath testing) and PCA (prescribed content of alcohol - think it was 0.08 when it was first introduced).  Amazing how such an insignificant thing as a can of beer can bring on so many memories.

Then to close the evening we were going to look at some digital photos.  Much to BM's glee (digital cameras are the work of the devil) the photos wouldn't load, the computer locked up, it wouldn't recognise the software, and we returned quickly to the less complicated, but easily set up slide projector, and back to the 60s and 70s, and more tents, more bikes and many, many more dusty roads.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening full of laughs, and reminiscing, and occasional spots of sadness, but isn't that life in general?

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