Just when you think life couldn't get suckier ...

Oh shit!!  As if I haven't had enough child-induced angst today, now this. Just got a message from uni that my enrolment has lapsed, whatever the fuck that means.  I was enrolled this year but withdrew, typical frelling university, don't give you any warning.  So I guess tomorrow will be spent wrangling with the bureacratic mindless automatons otherwise known as the Academic Registrar.  If I wasn't three subjects away from finishing this pointless bloody Bachelor of Arts I'd throw in the towel.

ETA - As I suspected, just spent 20 minutes talking to 8 different people, and now have an appointment with the Sub-Dean on Monday who will hopefully approve a retrospective leave of absence, otherwise I will have to re-apply for entry into the BA degree. The fun just keeps on coming.

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Oh, I'm just as dumb as the university! I thought you'd given up on the study altogether too! Hope you manage to sort it out without too much angst.

How's the boy's attitude today? What does his father think? (Sorry -- I'm so used to referring to my estranged husband as the ``children's father'' these days . . .)
I've been ::this:: close a number of times, but with only 3 subjects to go, it really does seem a waste of time and energy and money, if I don't. So the current plan is (if I sort out the current mess), do the 3 subjects in Autumn Session 2005, that way Bruce has finished doing the OHS manager stint, so less pressure on him, I become a mad schizo full-time student for 6 months, with all the stress that that entails, then 6 months off to contemplate whether to do Honours the following year, and more importantly be available to support J through the lead up to his Higher School Certificate exams in October 2005.

The boy seemed better today, Bruce doesn't need the added pressure, but he copes - they are so much alike anyway, I usually arbitrate between them - no need to wonder if J was swapped in the hospital :-)
Sounds to me like you are a very conscientious wife and mother as well as a good student too. I was only ever any good at one of those things.

Haven't watched the cricket today though my father reported over the phone at tea time that you guys were 195/1. Oh joy.

I think I'm a bit Eurydice'd out. Charms of the Clarion isn't bad, but if she mentions Spike's cerulean orbs again I will scream.
Sounds to me like you are a very conscientious wife and mother as well as a good student too.

If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said I was pathetic at all three - today, maybe two out of three, who knows what I will think tomorrow - I do my best and usually fuck it up, hey we're not all perfect.

Cerulean orbs - read it as a WIP, probably didn't pick it up at the time - those sort of descriptive terms irk me somewhat as well, peroxided blondes, so blue, rippling abs etc etc (will e-mail you tomorrow with some private thoughts about certain fanfic writers).

Good luck with the garage sale - check out eBay for wardrobes - go for big amounts here too.
Unfortunately will have to delay that till tomorrow or Monday - today has gotten away from me, and I still have to do some grocery shopping for tonight - we heading off to a slide/fondue night at a friend's place.

How did the garage sale go - successfully I hope.
Nae sweat, just whenever.

Garage sale was fun to do, but unfortunately not very successful. Might do a post on it.
Just catching up with my friends' posts in LA (hard to do with people breathing over your shoulder in Bogota). Blast, sounds like both you and J's schools could do with better communications skills. Don't be too hard on yourselves, we all go through 'I don't give a crap about school' moments, even those of us who work there *g*