Fangirl (maybe that should be fanwoman) rant

Can't believe I have just expended energy in downloading an episode of a series (The Mountain) that I may never see (although with the summer TV dead zone about to occur here in Oz who knows - I've just seen ads for Kingdom Hospital, One Tree Hill and Summer-something - cancelled or severely listing US shows heading our way) - so why did I do it - a glimpse of James Marsters, sad, sad, sad ... It only made me realise how much I miss the Jossverse (and Spike).

Which leads me to Serenity - release date pushed back from April 2005 to September 2005 ... wahhhhhhhh .....

The good news - Amazon is taking pre-orders for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars - release Jan 2005, which hopefully means even if my downloads turn out crappy, I can get a proper copy sometime in the new year.  Makes my inner fangirl frelling happy.

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I, too, understand the marketing strategy, but it still doesn't stop me going Wah!!!!

Doing the dance of joy today - S4 Farscape released ::obsessively checks clock - stores still not open::