Poor, poor pitiful me

Feel crappier today than I did yesterday - guess the bruising etc is starting to kick in (that's about how I feel, like I've been kicked in the jaw).  Was going to spend some time catching up on LJ, but think I might head back to bed instead.

Started making Christmas cards and little trinkets yesterday, don't think I'll get very far on those today either.

Can't think of anything else to whine about, will go away now.

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Poor tooth woman.

And what is this Grand Theft Auto? I seem to remember Spike playing it in some fic I read . . .
Video game on the Playstation2 (I think - J's also got a Nintendo Gamecube and an X-Box) - never played it, but think the idea is to steal cars and run over as many people as possible (not one of the worried parents who think child will turn to a life of crime because of playing video games).
Ah yes, sounds very Spikish. And I've just remembered where I read it -- in Anaross's Long Day's Journey -- Spike running up all his video game stuff on Angel's credit card, and GTA was one of them.

So, as a parent of small boys, I shouldn't fear video games, huh? I've railed against them so far, but you reckon I shouldn't worry?
Well, not worry about turning them into axe-wielding, serial killers, rather worry about the time and energy spent on games rather than homework. J got his first video game console when he was 4 (with a Ninja Turtles game), he has some of those shoot and kill games, but he also has a lot of platform and strategy games like Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart etc etc, which are fun to play with friends. As an only child it may be different - he enjoyed filling in time with his games - no annoying brothers or sisters to play with. I certainly don't see them as the evilest evil in the world as some do.