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Gloomy and cold today, bit like me. Second day of committal hearing, hopefully once sentencing is handed down, Jake and his friends will be able to have closure on Tarlo's murder. Been an incredibly hard couple of years for them, since Tarlo disappeared, hard enough for an adult to deal with violent death, let alone teenagers. The loss of a friend, at the hands of people who you thought were friends, must be ....... no I have no words for it, totally incomprehensible. Anyway after the other one was sentenced last week for 11 years, will be interesting to see what happens with the co-accused. No action, however, will replace the loss.
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Oh, God, how terrible -- your son's friend was murdered? How has your boy been handling it?
As well as any teenager can handle something like this, I guess. After one of the boys involved in the murder confessed last year, and the body was finally located, Jake had a rough time - very angry and aggressive, problems at school etc, but once I talked to his year advisor, the school ended up being very supportive, went to the school counsellor, which seemed to help. His group of friends, all going through the same grieving process, have been a great support to each other, but like any death there are moments that make it harder, such as the funeral. Even though the body was located mid last year, it wasn't until March this year that the funeral could be held (forensics etc delayed the release of the body). How's he dealing overall - to quote him "how am I expected to feel when two of my friends kill another friend", so as far as I can judge, he's dealing the best he can, and as a parent I have to step back a little and let him grieve, and be angry if he needs to be, or sad or whatever it takes. It's never easy being a parent, some times are harder than others, but I wouldn't have it any other way - makes you appreciate the good moments all the more.