I think I'll take Puppetry of Penis over Dentistry of Extraction

Well I'm now minus a tooth, and suffering from that lovely fugue of post anaesthetic and numbness plus the panadol haze, but at least I know the pain will be gone once the numbness wears off. Instructions say take it easy for the rest of the day - WOO HOO - but no drinking for a couple of days, one out of two, ain't bad, mmmmm ... cold beer ... mmmmm (having a Homer moment).

Clouds are rolling in after a stinking hot day, so we should get a thunderstorm later on. Think I'll go rest before I pass out.
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Thanks for you kind thoughts - new day here, and although my jaw is slightly sore, there seems to be no other major problems.

Also, just for your information, and to possibly stop you pondering the weirdness that is me, "Puppetry of the Penis" is actually a comedy act where two Aussie guys 'perform tricks with their genitals' - I kid you not (and no I haven't seen the act, just read about them).
Well, according to "Who Weekly" (a totally reliable source), they performed at a party in California (somewhere), that was attended by that dynamic and talented actress, Jessica Simpson.
Gah! First Kassto and now you! I haven't seen a dentist for 2 years and now I'm all paranoid. I'm remembering a line from a movie where some creepy guy hears his ex has cervical cancer and asks 'is it contagious'?

Hmmm, what I mean is best wishes for a speedy recovery. And... vote Casey!
Don't be paranoid - mine is just an irrational fear of dentists (long story, won't bore you), so I only go when in absolute pain - although since the last time, I don't actually wait until it's excuciating pain.

Once again, bon voyage, speedy and safe return.