Weddings and puppy dogs

Had a thoroughly enjoyable time at yesterday's wedding, despite my reservations, but as a friend said to me earlier this week, you usually do enjoy the gatherings you most dread (ETA - dread only because me and public outings not mixy - always worried about my weight and appearance).  A wonderful mix of Italian/Irish clans, "if you're Irish come into the parlour" meets "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore", noisy, fun, and the food was to die for.  Bruschetta, calamari, devil's on horseback, cannelloni, lasagne, antipasto, heated kalamata olives - and they were just the appetisers!!!  It was one of BM's workmates who got married - so we were at the work table - always interesting to put names to faces, two other married couples, and poor single Samantha who had to fend off the very persistent advances of one young male dweeb who simply would not take no for an answer, and took on the nuances of a panting, persistent faithful puppy over the evening.  When someone starts hiding in the crowd, and sitting at absolute strangers tables to get away from you, get a clue guy!  The other entertaining aspect of the evening were the two 'Mafioso' DJs - dressed in black suits, never moving, one about 55, the other 40 something, giving us wonderful disco songs - it was extremely bizarre, but very watchable.  We bopped along (but at the table - dicky arthritic knees here), and joined in rousing renditions of The Love Shack, Mamma Mia, Time Warp, and other classic numbers. Very pleasant evening, although BM is suffering slightly today from imbibing in too much of a very pleasant cabernet merlot - I was the sensible one and stuck to Tooheys Old - so I'm just tired, not hungover, and feeling suitably righteous.
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Re: Celebrate good times! Come on!!
It was a gas - a great big jumpin' Jack flash gas, gas, gas.

Hadn't really thought about an anniversary bash - a barbie in the backyard may be just the go, when are you heading our way in January? We have already passed the unofficial 20 year milestone - we moved in together a year (to the day) before we officially tied the knot.

Indeed wink ;), wink ;) - BM and I were only saying last night that we should go back to Melbourne next year, cos we had such a blast the first time round - so don't be surprised if we come knocking on your door bearing gifts come October next year!