The merit of merits

J got a merit certificate for a maths assignment today - pretty damn exciting when your kid's in Year 1 but incredibly exciting when he's in Year 12, and hasn't gotten one since Year 7.  The change to the new school seems to have made all the difference to J's confidence and self-esteem.  I'm one happy Mum at the moment. 

Going to a wedding on the weekend, my own self-esteem is always low at public outings.  Oh well I guess I'll get through it, hide in a corner somewhere and hope for the best.

Off to cook a chook.

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Just need to not worry so much about J being on the road more - the school is a bit further away, through major traffic areas around the steelworks, my old heart goes pitter-patter every time he drives off.

Wedding, schmedding - a Catholic Italian one at that - I'll be in the corner, nursing a quiet beer or two, watching the theatrics.

Wallpaper - reasserting my OTP (one true pairing), and not using pictures of the actors themselves because that's seriously fangirlish. I'll probably change it in a week or two - hard to get pictures of Spike and Buffy as a pair when they're not under a spell, or FLW (fucking like weasels - a term used frequently on LJ, but I have no idea how rampant weasels are in the fornicating area).