deb (downunderdeb) wrote,

One ring to rule them all, or my Sunday night TV viewing

Firstly Idol - meh, does Marcia loathe all the female contestants or what?  Casey should stay, but I guess it will be Courtney and Anthony at the Opera House in a couple of weeks, not sure whether I care. ETA - it's OK for Anthony to butcher a CLASSIC (some songs should absolutely, positively never be sung by anyone other than the original artists "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" is one of those songs), but Casey shouldn't try to do a song that has a special meaning to African-Americans - what the fuck, Marcia!

So, there I was watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring as it aired for the first time on free-to-air TV.   J walked in and asked me why I was watching it, when we owned the DVD.  I had been asking myself the very same question.  I read the books once a year for 10 years after discovering it when I was 15, and then probably once every 5 years since.  We do own the DVD - two actually, the original and the extended version.  I saw it at the movies.  I almost know each word that is going to come out of each character's mouth, but I still watched it, and cried when Gandalf fell at the Balrog's lair, and laughed at the hobbits antics, and hissed at Saruman, and drooled over Aragorn.  I commented to BM that I love, love, love Peter Jackson, for being so true to this story - his love for this story dribbles off the screen, and the casting was absolutely perfect (Elijah, the Seans, Viggo, the Ians, Cate, Christopher, Liv etc etc plus a lot of them were Aussies - probably what I enjoy about Farscape too, among many things, picking out the Aussies).  So often you see a novel turned movie that is hideous, and loses all the meaning that the book wrought.  This is not the case with the LOTR movies - oh I'm sure there are detractors but I loved them all, PLUS you get to enjoy the wonderful NZ scenery.  Will probably dig out the rest of the DVDs today and continue Frodo's journey.

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