Here there be monsters ...

Studiously trying to avoid US election results as the day wears on - after our own recent electoral debacle, don't know whether I'm prepared for what could happen.  Don't know a great deal about Kerry, but feel that if I was voting it would be not be so much a vote for Kerry, but a vote against Bush.  It always frightens me when conservative inroads are made against hard fought and won liberties such as Roe v. Wade, and gay marriages, and even personal rights such as freedom of speech, all in the name of God and country.  Similar neo-conservative elements are slowly eroding our own society, and I dread to think what my country will be like after another three years of Howard, especially with the Libs controlling the Senate.  T'is a day of fear and trembling ... 

So how will I while away the time - well I could do the ironing, I guess, but then again Stephen Donaldson's new book The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: The Runes of the Earth is calling to me, as well as three DVDs of Farscape (I suppose I could at least iron whilst watching Farscape).  Decisions, decisions ::wanders off, looking for that damn book::

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Oh I am so with you. Today I wake up and all of a sudden there is an 'abortion epidemic' in Australia and something needs to be done about it (how about the true rate of abortions has become clear, because-thank god- there are less women drinking gin and sticking coat hangers up themselves instead of getting some medical attention for an unwanted pregnancy). It is very much like after Mulroney's 3rd victory in '88, and suddenly capital punishment, a total dead letter in Canada since the 1960s, comes up for debate again. What it will be is 3 years of trying to repair 1000 leaks from the dam about to burst, I'm afraid.

But the US election is on another order again from we piddling middle powers. The whole world is watching, me through my fingers like the worst horror movie ever (I can't believe that 141 years after slavery is abolished, black people are still getting disproportionate hurdles to voting). SBS showed a 2 part series on the candidates, and there is something to like about Kerry, despite or especially because he is stiff and 'uncharismatic' unlike W. It is not as though the Iraq morass would go away under him, it is just that there might be space to imagine something better in the US. Right now, I can't even imagine anything going right there.
My main concern (well, OK, one of many concerns) about the Iraq situation is that it seems to overshadow the domestic quagmire (tax cuts to the rich, welfare and health cutbacks, etc, etc) - the US is worse off today then 5 years ago, and that doesn't seem to be getting out there. It's going to be a long day.