Trivial thoughts - Idol, the Cup, US election

Idol: Ok, I will admit to shedding a few quiet tears - I liked Hayley, now she's gone, life sucks.

The Cup - my each way bet, Lashed & Winning Belle - but what would I know, life sucks.

US Election - as much as I hate to think it, Bush to win - can I say again, LIFE SUCKS!!

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Hi, just got back from the staff Cup Day BarBQ and the consensus is: Anthony is talentless. Courtney is increasingly irritating. Most contestants went downhill from the performances that got them in the top 12, with the exception of Casey.

Had a great weekend.

La la la but here is a good read:

Michael Moore's open letter to various folks

I rather like Michael Moore, and I'm not ashamed to say it. However, longest running democracy in the world? Tell it to the Dutch. You don't have to be a republic to be a democracy, Mike.
Staff consensus = accuracy. What is it with Courtney - can't take a little criticism, boo hoo, should have been in Hayley's shoes for all those weeks - stoic to the max.

Iceland's been around a bit longer than the USA too, although my Icelandic history is shaky, but I do know that it has the oldest parliament - just waiting for the right Trivia Night for that little gem ;-) Americans tend to forgot there is a 'rest of the world', so I can forgive Michael his errors, and yes I kinda like the guy too, shit-stirring being an all-time favourite Aussie past-time, which he does very well.
Yeah, you're right. Iceland rules:

1. Democracy.
2. Short end of the stick in that 'Greenland' property development scam.
3. Naming daughters after their mothers. Coooool.
4. Bjork.
5. Makes Canada look temperate, weather-wise.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
I knew there was a reason why I liked Iceland so much, plus BJORK!

Makwhatever Diva - Celine Dion's nom de plume, perhaps?