Trivial thoughts - Idol, the Cup, US election

Idol: Ok, I will admit to shedding a few quiet tears - I liked Hayley, now she's gone, life sucks.

The Cup - my each way bet, Lashed & Winning Belle - but what would I know, life sucks.

US Election - as much as I hate to think it, Bush to win - can I say again, LIFE SUCKS!!

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Hayley was/is very likeable, but it was inevitable. I'd like to believe that Casey will at least make it to the final, now that she isn't splitting the female vote, but I'm afraid it is going to be Courtney proposing to his girlfriend (boyfriend, it has been done, to channel Marcia for a moment), and Anthony running unchallenged to win. PG was sitting next to me last night, miming jumping over a shark in several ways and making me giggle. The kids weren't even watching. I think this is AI's last year for ratings. Also, did you see that Marcia and Dicko can't even look at one another? Hee!

US election: can't even think about it. La la la.
Inevitable, unfortunately yes, and I'm thinking that Casey will go next, which leaves us with the midget and the sandgroper (Aussie for Western Australian) - EEK!! Dicko obviously knew the way the wind was blowing, and jumped before the shark.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend away.

Joining in the chorus ::la la la::
Hi, just got back from the staff Cup Day BarBQ and the consensus is: Anthony is talentless. Courtney is increasingly irritating. Most contestants went downhill from the performances that got them in the top 12, with the exception of Casey.

Had a great weekend.

La la la but here is a good read:

Michael Moore's open letter to various folks

I rather like Michael Moore, and I'm not ashamed to say it. However, longest running democracy in the world? Tell it to the Dutch. You don't have to be a republic to be a democracy, Mike.
Staff consensus = accuracy. What is it with Courtney - can't take a little criticism, boo hoo, should have been in Hayley's shoes for all those weeks - stoic to the max.

Iceland's been around a bit longer than the USA too, although my Icelandic history is shaky, but I do know that it has the oldest parliament - just waiting for the right Trivia Night for that little gem ;-) Americans tend to forgot there is a 'rest of the world', so I can forgive Michael his errors, and yes I kinda like the guy too, shit-stirring being an all-time favourite Aussie past-time, which he does very well.
Yeah, you're right. Iceland rules:

1. Democracy.
2. Short end of the stick in that 'Greenland' property development scam.
3. Naming daughters after their mothers. Coooool.
4. Bjork.
5. Makes Canada look temperate, weather-wise.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
I knew there was a reason why I liked Iceland so much, plus BJORK!

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