Trivial thoughts - Idol, the Cup, US election

Idol: Ok, I will admit to shedding a few quiet tears - I liked Hayley, now she's gone, life sucks.

The Cup - my each way bet, Lashed & Winning Belle - but what would I know, life sucks.

US Election - as much as I hate to think it, Bush to win - can I say again, LIFE SUCKS!!

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Are there any Kiwi horses running? They're bound to win!

Life no suck! Because a lovely person has sent me Lost tapes -- big yay for her!
Lashed is a Kiwi, the other trained by a female. Lots of o/seas horses - owned by English peers, and Arab sheiks, so my money goes to the Kiwis and the girl who shouldn't train horses (Gai Waterhouse had such a hard time breaking into the men's world of racing). Remember placing a bet years ago on a horse called Kiwi, everyone thought I was crazy, but it had won over 3200m before, and I ended up collecting $50, so NZ horses are fine by me!

You haven't got the tape already, have you - I know I sent it air mail but that'd be supersonic!
You ARE very knowledgeable about the racing, aren't you. I remember Kiwi winning the Melbourne Cup -- Jim Bolger was our PM at the time and he made a huge deal of it.

What I'm nervous about now is our cricket team who are heading your way for a short tour and our best bowlers are all injured as usual, and I'm scared of the ritual humiliation by your bastard cricketers. NOTHING pleases me more than beating you guys at cricket. Nothing. Mind you, even the Oz cricket folks acknowledge that Stephen Fleming is one of the best captains in the world, but you need bowlers as well as captains...

No, tape not here yet. Just anticipating, and thanking. Actually mail is notoriously slow over the Tasman -- considering it's only a three-hour flight.
Horses - my Dad was a great punter, so picked up many tips from him over the years. Only bet on the Cup, so in a way it's a little like homage to my Dad - still miss him, even after 20 years, some days, like today, more than others.

Psstt... I'll let you in on a little secret, but don't tell anyone, OK? I would love to see the Aussie cricket team soundly beaten - they've gotten more than a little cocky, possibly verging on arrogant. Many of them are bad winners, and worse losers, and I have no time for Shane Warne, even if he is a great bowler. I like Ricky Ponting, but I think Steve Waugh was probably our best captain for a long time.

Halloween con - couple of reports I've read say DB was absolutely, surprisingly, wonderful, and very, very funny, and JM usual flirty, charming self, and thankfully no bizarre behaviour like at Moonlight Rising, but he wore that shirt for most of the weekend, I despair!!! Also see DB may be up for new TV series - nothing in the mix for JM though.
Good to do the horse thing to remind you of your Dad.... Melbourne Cup is a big thing here too. When I worked at NZPA, the New Zealand Press Association, everyone was big on the punting. In fact I'm sure at least a couple of the guys were addicts. I know the wife of one of them used to control all the money and just give him an allowance so he didn't gamble their lives away. Nice guy though.

Yes, well it's cause for huge celebration here when we beat your cricketers. And it does happen from time to time. Your lot are just a little too used to winning! And yeah, Shane, what a yob. Feel sorry for his wife having to put up with all his stupid crap. What is most entertaining for us is if we do win, to listen to the very biased Australian commentators trying to explain it away....

Must dig up some con reports. Whose have you read? Sounds like they were both on form. Read on the wangst club that JM was seen wandering round London holding some chick's hand. Hope she was over 20. Or even, God forbid, over 30. There was some rather good wangst piece I remember in which a drunken JM was being told to pull his shit together by his publicist, which included getting himself a girlfriend who a) was over 30, b) wasn't in the business, and c) wasn't some groupie teenager. I remember all the readers cheering.
Bets placed (well actually direct donation to State coffers made), race countdown begun.

Warnie puts the yob into yobbo, not like loveable larrikins such as Lillee, Marsh, Chappell (Ian that is) - can you tell how old I am?

::We are so not gossiping about actors who we care nothing about, and are only interested in their stellar acting performances, not their personal lives, la, la, la::

Think it was Moxie's LJ, maybe, some stuff on More Than Spike & Marsters Mobsters. Read the original hand-holding piece - think it ended up wangsted itself - just a mention of JM going into an appearance holding the arm or hand of some woman - haven't seen anymore so don't know if there is anything in it or not, but yeah over 30 would be good!!
Hayley was/is very likeable, but it was inevitable. I'd like to believe that Casey will at least make it to the final, now that she isn't splitting the female vote, but I'm afraid it is going to be Courtney proposing to his girlfriend (boyfriend, it has been done, to channel Marcia for a moment), and Anthony running unchallenged to win. PG was sitting next to me last night, miming jumping over a shark in several ways and making me giggle. The kids weren't even watching. I think this is AI's last year for ratings. Also, did you see that Marcia and Dicko can't even look at one another? Hee!

US election: can't even think about it. La la la.
Inevitable, unfortunately yes, and I'm thinking that Casey will go next, which leaves us with the midget and the sandgroper (Aussie for Western Australian) - EEK!! Dicko obviously knew the way the wind was blowing, and jumped before the shark.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend away.

Joining in the chorus ::la la la::
Hi, just got back from the staff Cup Day BarBQ and the consensus is: Anthony is talentless. Courtney is increasingly irritating. Most contestants went downhill from the performances that got them in the top 12, with the exception of Casey.

Had a great weekend.

La la la but here is a good read:

Michael Moore's open letter to various folks

I rather like Michael Moore, and I'm not ashamed to say it. However, longest running democracy in the world? Tell it to the Dutch. You don't have to be a republic to be a democracy, Mike.
Staff consensus = accuracy. What is it with Courtney - can't take a little criticism, boo hoo, should have been in Hayley's shoes for all those weeks - stoic to the max.

Iceland's been around a bit longer than the USA too, although my Icelandic history is shaky, but I do know that it has the oldest parliament - just waiting for the right Trivia Night for that little gem ;-) Americans tend to forgot there is a 'rest of the world', so I can forgive Michael his errors, and yes I kinda like the guy too, shit-stirring being an all-time favourite Aussie past-time, which he does very well.
Yeah, you're right. Iceland rules:

1. Democracy.
2. Short end of the stick in that 'Greenland' property development scam.
3. Naming daughters after their mothers. Coooool.
4. Bjork.
5. Makes Canada look temperate, weather-wise.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
6. Setting for Herself's latest masterwork.
I knew there was a reason why I liked Iceland so much, plus BJORK!

Makwhatever Diva - Celine Dion's nom de plume, perhaps?