The Big Band Era, or how I died and went to hell

OK, I will now admit that I can no longer be objective in this competition. I hate, hate, hate Anthony (despite The Prayer), and Courtney does absolutely nothing for me. I cannot understand how the judges continually masturbate enthuse about Anthony/Courtney and give Hayley such a bad time. Anthony has had his moments, (Route 66 wasn't one of them), Courtney's 2nd song was better than the 1st, Hayley and Casey were WONDERFUL!! Casey - 1 vote, Hayley - 2 ('cos BM and I think she's gone, even if she's a helluva lot better than the boys). Doesn't matter how wrong they are, it's Casey and Hayley for us from now on.

N.B. Nothing to do with Idol, simply a plea from the heart - James, can you please learn how to dress as an adult, it's embarrassing heartbreaking to watch.
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Re James and the ripped jeans/unbuttoned shirt. The boy (man, man, I think) would not have a clue if he tripped over one. But just to do a bit of fanwanking, it is kind of endearing that he has that ``a stylist has not been within a million miles of me'' vibe. The big doofus.

Have you seen any Halloween con reports? I've just seen the offending ``style crime'' photos.
The big doofus.
This is the only reason he gets away with it, we just shrug, smile smugly, and think you great big dork.

No reports so far - see the clip from the morning show or whatever with JM/DB is online, but after watching him here on "Rove Live", I think I'll give it a miss - he comes across as so hyper, and then I find it hard to get that image out of my mind when I'm watching Spike, so not for me, thank you - although DB is looking exceptionally good at the moment.