The day just keeps getting better ... NOT

Prime Minister John Howard will have control of the upper house after the Nationals today were declared the winner of Queensland's last Senate seat. Full story here

Well, that's about it for me, passage once again booked for the river cruise in Egypt - stupid, stupid people - you're about to find out why. It's going to be a long three years till the next election.
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And the fall back, if a Liberal Senator were, say, to get indicted on corruption charges, is Family First with balance of power. So really there's no way out.
Yep, a rock and a hard place indeed. Now watch the Union movement moan and groan about further industrial reforms, considering it helped elect Howard, or more specifically the CFMEU in Tasmania, helped elect Howard. I'm a unionist myself (or was when I was employed) but they really are their own worst enemy at the moment.
Mmmm, I'm finding it hard to forgive the Labour and Democrat Parties for putting Family First ahead of the Greens on their preferences. Everyone I used to consider allies are their own worst enemies at the moment. *sighs heavily*
"Family First" - you'd have thought the name alone would have been a dead giveaway ::sighs heavily back::
Ah well. You could always come and live in New Zealand.

;. )
And don't think we haven't considered that ... you've got a real labour government, haven't you? What's the job situation for Occupational Health and Safety bods (BM's field of endeavour)?

P.S. Have done the taping, quality is not too bad, fitted 5 eps on the tape. Hope to post tomorrow morning.
Yeah, we have a Labour Govt and everything's run by women! Everyone still whinges about everything though.

I'm sure there'd be OSH work. Are you serious?

You're very very kind about the taping.
Re moving: sometimes we are, but not until J finishes school (this time next year). We've discuss the possibility of BM taking a contract or job for a couple of years, and getting to live in another country - NZ and Canada mostly, maybe the UK because their OHS stuff is much the same, but it's hard to find out what the job situation really is like when you're not there, if you know what I mean.

Re "Lost" - we're really enjoying it, so only too happy to share.