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Lost momentum

I'm currently in an academic funk, no motivation, no interest, no anything - three subjects to go till I complete my degree, and I'm finding that I don't really care, what's the point anyway - just another unemployed person with a BA, well past their use by date.  God knows why I'm even considering honours, hard enough to even find the motivation to complete the subjects I still need to do, without doing an extra year or so.  I hate the whole stinking academic world. 
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Sorry to hear this. You won't want to hear my thoughts on academia since they are all negative and I dropped out of university after two years in 1980, never to return and no regrets. But I guess the thing might be to see if you could finish if off by doing something that really interested you...

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My equilibrium will probably right itself by tomorrow, just one of those days.

Re uni - think that because it's taken me so long to reach the end, it wears me down sometimes - I so don't want to have to write another essay ever again, but I know I'm gonna have to, and then I get depressed thinking about it, and the cycle starts all over again.

To take my mind of these depressive things - I play with pretty pictures and colours on my LJ page, sad but true.
If it is any consolation, I'm now entering day 10 of lousy crap academic and life in general funk. It is pretty common to run out of energy in the last lap of a degree, something about completion stress? I was also talking about this issue in class yesterday, it is related to the working lives that so many women in particular lead now, where we are our own bosses, and we are pretty shitty bosses: expecting too much, not ever satisfied with our work, not much in terms of health benefits or vacations....

Hang in there, honey.

BTW, is the weather as crappy in W'gong today? It is so blustery I can't stand straight, much less bike. Bleargh.
Guess once I get on with it, it will all be OK - I'm stressing badly at the moment because I want to get it over and done with, but there's no Summer Session subject that I'm interested in, which means I should just bite the bullet, and do 3 subjects in Autumn Session, but I've only done 3 once, and the stress and workload nearly killed me (as well as the rest of the family), but I just can't imagine going on for another year, I. JUST. WANT. IT. TO. BE. OVER. NOW!!! ::breathing deeply, looking for chocolate::

Blustery as all hell - the lights and modem just briefly shut down, and hot as Hades in the direct sun.
Post script - it's not all about me
Sorry to hear you're in a funk too, Spring blues uh.. or maybe still post electoral blues.
No. Of course not. It's about Me. *g*
It may be delayed 'oh god this country/world is going to heck in a handbasket'. Yesterday, BIB, as a big responsible grade 6er, tried to break up a fight between two younger kids and one said: 'Shut up, I don't like you, you have a funny accent, why don't you go back where you came from'. His teacher stepped in and the little girl apologized, but yech. I blame John Howard, myself.

It is mostly money worries, though. Ah well, there's always something. When BIB was a newborn, a wise mom said to me: 'There will always be something: shitting, eating, or sleeping, one of 'em won't work right'. Equally true of adults, probably.
Re: No. Of course not. It's about Me. *g*
When J was a wee little lad at primary school he thought it was cool to have a friend from South Africa, and one from India, and one from Mongolia (yep, Mongolia) - I too blame John Howard - Xenophobia rules, OK
Hugs always appreciated - the funk was followed by an epiphany (hopefully will stick better than Buffy's). I will bite the bullet and do 3 subjects in Autumn session (even though it will probably kill me, or send me insane), and finish this bloody degree by July next year, then take six months off before starting my Honours year - that way I will be available for support as my son does his HSC (Higher School Certificate, completion of senior school) - well that's the plan at the moment, positive vibes and hugs most appreciated.

All the best for NaNoWriMo, and I will patiently wait for the resumption of Third Chances.