Australia votes ...

and this time got it right.

Chanel - I'm sorry darlin', we were prepared to go all the way, but I don't think you were ready

Courtney - finally, hopefully you'll get used to the feeling

Hayley - my lovely, we're all still hanging in there

Next week - 75% will be in the bottom 3!!!!!!!!

N.B. Dicko's gay faux pas was glossed over with such a deft hand, it was almost unnoticeable - SMOOTH AS!!

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Chanel was a bit bizarre last night, wasn't she? I still think she has more potential for a successful recording career than Hayley, Anthony, or Courtney (unless Hayley has some amazing songs up her sleeve), but she was lost before she lost, that was sure.

Dicko is going to write such a tell-all article after the series ends. You heard it here first.
Not sure what was going on in Chanel's head - a valiant effort to be a gracious loser, or cocking a snook at the judges - pity she went this week though, as Dicko lamented, she'd be great with a big band sound, or maybe not, considering her choices recently - all moot now regardless.

Surely it will be a tell-tale book ...